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‘AnswerLA’ Protest Set For LA City Hall Tuesday Night In Response To Zimmerman ‘Innocent’ Verdict

By Brian Hews

A protest rally is being planned for Tuesday night at Los Angeles City Hall in response to the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman for the murder of teenager Trayvon Martin.

Members of the Los Angeles Police Department have gone on a tactical alert since violence broke out in parts of the city during the past 48 hours since the verdict was announced late Saturday night.

In a statement to members of the media, a group called “ANSWERLA” will be sponsoring the rally that is slated to begin at 6 p.m.

“We are calling on all Angelenos to unite against the war on Black and Brown youth, and join a demonstration displaying this unity today (Tuesday), July 16, 6pm at Los Angeles City Hall (West steps),” organizers said on their website.

“Within an hour of the outrageous Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict, people of all nationalities were in the streets all over the United States. Tens of thousands of people spontaneously rose up and carried out militant marches that expressed the deep-seated and legitimate anger over the purveyance of racist violence, from both the police, right-wing vigilantes and the support it receives from the courts,” said a statement from organizers to members of the media.

In response, members of the Los Angeles Police Department sent out an alert to members of the media regarding the event.

On Monday night, more than 15 protesters in Los Angeles were arrested after taking to the streets in the Crenshaw District. A city-wide “tactical alert” was issued by LA city officials last night including Police Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Eric Garcetti.

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  • Smitty says:

    So ANSWER LA, are they taxpayer funded?