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July 5 Los Cerritos Community News E-edition

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  • McMahon, J. says:

    Friday, July 05, 2013.

    RE: Reply to Open Letter to Mayor Bruce Barrows.


    Request for Public Records is not always complete, nor accurate. In past have ordered files from 2 city clerks, with various record keeping or no results. Problem lies in lack of custodian category, since many of the minutes are not kept under library custodian or commissioner hearings are very sketchy. City has had good and bad city clerks, so as ageism grows, residents are beginning to feel the cracks in record keeping. Minutes of commissioner hearings are not on line. Additionally, clerks have been employees and independent contractors, so upper Mgmt administration has played role in what records are produced.

    When minutes are not accurate on line, not only disservice for our residents, but for internal researching and education for surrounding cities, when government goes on line to search and perform quarries.

    Former commissioners addressed both the commission and CCC and were silenced on the subject. Many commissioners and residents have complained about the annual budget portal as is all over the binder. Cross referencing is poor, if not a municipal CPA/PHD!

    Public Records Act } Reality Check Points from my requests:

    1. Arterial Landscape Vine Restoration- missing
    2. Citywide Dedicated Bike Paths- incomplete.
    3. Window Security Bars- missing
    4. Citywide Tree Reforestation- missing.
    5. Sub Soil Contamination of the Hollywood Video Pad and no PW upgrades to center meridians turn-outs.

    Gateway to CCPA is mess……..Shoemaker Gore water feature and landscape. This hallmark feature really paints a daunting photo to the CCPA users and the 250,000 cars on the 91 freeway.

    CCPA question of the year: Only 9% of the Cerritos residents use this facility, why should 100% of the residents subsidize the annual CCPA Budget? This CCC is passing the buck to other CCC down the road. Prefer to see the CCPA managed by entertainment endeavors, plus look more to a convention center usage, along with gambling facilities. Era for affordable shows at the CCPA is not in our future norm. Stop the CCPA seasonal temporary employees, which have no employee benefits. Compounds parking are lacking staging for RV entertainment Buses for road shows, the Sheraton was raided for rats, as is sub standard 2 star hotel. Town Center Business is loosing money, as operating on Pacific Standard Time restraints, as the CCPA runs on international time zones.

    Summary, city government should not be involved in development or managing of real properties. City government was designed to manage governmental affairs, not investments. End result, local government is to represent the residents and not dictate to the residents, which we have currently in Cerritos. Cerritos residents have become SERVANT PROSTITUTES for our Cerritos City Council.