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Names of FBI Corruption Probe Targets To be Released by Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Investigative News Team On The David Cruz Show

June 14, 2013

Hews Media Group Publisher Brian Hews and Investigative Reporter Randy Economy will release key documents, evidence and names presented to the Federal Bureau of Investigation related to a massive criminal probe into the activities of several elected officials. The materials will be released live in the studios of KTLK AM1150 at 5pm, Friday, June 14, 2013.

“KTLK AM1150 welcomes the opportunity to give Hews and Economy a way to reach the very taxpayers who are being victimized by the actions of officials allegedly abusing positions of public trust,” said David Cruz. “I tell our audience the station is their voice and they have the right to hear and ask Hews and Economy anything they want,” he added.
Hews and Economy will also be distributing to reporters hard copies of the documents that have been given to the FBI surrounding the case and will be taking questions about their investigation.

Hews and Economy are considered to be two of the premier investigative reporters in Southern California.  In 2012 their year-long expose into the activities of the Los Angeles County Assessor’ s Office lead to the arrest of four officials including Assessor John R. Noguez. They also investigated LA Mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel and found Greuel using  city resources to further her campaign.
Media is invited and encouraged to be present, in studio, when the information is released.

KTLK studios are located at 3400 W. Olive Ave., Suite 550, Burbank, CA 91505

For more information, please call:

562 743 0882 Randy Economy (Cell)
562 407 3873 Los Cerritos Community Newspaper

  • FLF says:

    It will be interesting to see if what we all suspect about Calderon and his vast network of PAID family cronies are true..

  • Friend of Water says:

    Way to go Brian and Randy. I’m tuning in today (Friday) at 3pm, David Cruz Show KTLK 1150AM.

    This is amazing, when is all this thug corruption stuff has going to stop?
    Thank you for once again for your great reporting and calling attention to another bunch of LA CROOKS!!

  • Walter Cronkite says:

    Now that the details of the Federal Subpoena received by Central Basin this week are public, I think it’s interesting to learn that Gil Cedillo Jr. is part of the corruption probe. Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez was heavily supported by newly minted Los Angeles City Councilman Gil Cedillo Sr. as well as by Tom Calderon. I guess that says it all when you wonder why the District Attorney is investigating her. This woman was corrupt in Lynwood and certainly hasn’t changed her ways. Of course, speculation was that she was a federal informant against her collegues in Lynwood and thus averted prosecution herself. Now she’s all over the press claiming to be a “reformer” but this woman politically bedhops more than a working girl at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada! Let’s hope the DA gets done with her quickly!

  • Victor says:

    Is there a Brown act violation here? How can Mayor Vernola vote on check points when he’s own tow company is benefiting from his vote?

    • Walter Cronkite says:

      Come on Victor! I suppose if your little sister or mother were killed by a drunk driver you’d still care about the two company getting those drunks off the street. Complain when there’s something to complain about, not over silly observations!

    • Mon says:

      Mayor Vernola does not own the tow company.
      Checkpoints are more costly for them that you think. They do it upon request and if you’ve ever known anyone who was killed by a drunk driver, or
      had to dip into their own insurance to fix a car hit by an unlicensed or uninsured driver, you migh get it.
      not to mention unregistered vehicles that do not meet smog certifications and cause pollution.

  • Mon says:

    Seriously on Mayor Vernola? He doesn’t own it, knucklehead.

    A good friend of mine killed himself driving drunk on a Friday night after passing right through the area of the checkpoints, AFTER the Supervisors office declared it was “unfair” to illegal people without licenses or insurance.. yeah, UNFAIR? He would be alive today and half way through a suspended license with a hard lesson learned, but he is dead and would have been stopped.

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