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June 14 Hews Media Group-Community News E-edition

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  • McMahon, J. says:

    SUBJECT: ►►SPECIAL MEETING ►►| City’s 2014 Budget Study Session |
    DATE: 6/18/2013 | 7:00pm- midnight +
    LOCATION: Cerritos City Council Chambers
    Public Invited | View Channel 3 |

    • What new city taxes, Mello Roos or bonds will be proposed!!!!

    • See how money is lavishly budgeted:


    ►Spent on trips,
    ►Medical insurance policies to the grave, for entire families of the elected appointees.
    ►Sport Programs,
    ►Magnolia Power Plant,
    ►Public Works,
    ►Street Trees,
    ►Spring Festival and 4th July Parties.

    • Please attend and let your voice be heard.






  • McMahon, J. says:

    Sunday, June 16, 2013;

    RE: Cerritos New Apartment Proposal.

    TO: Cerritos Mayor and Council:

    Support national Oakwood Corporate Apartments projects for adults only. Do not support the Cerritos proposed family apartments, AKA: Via Piazzo development ……….

    Cerritos said planned apartments project are for families and in yrs to come, will be next to imposs. to control the number of extended and blended families living in the proposed 200 U complex. There will be hi % of leaseholds in said proposal; which will be using ABC school district for address. Proposed parking ratios are not going to withhold for tomorrows parking ratios. 200U with proposed 300+ parking, is not even 2 cars per unit, plus guest parking. If there is 2 families per unit, potentially have 4 cars per unit, where will the parking take place???? No parks to walk in close by, or for the children to play in!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Both La Palma’s Montecito HOA (Condo-apartments)
    • & E Lakewood Del Amo (Apartments-condos)

    ………….are for families. Parking in both areas are impaired, as overflow (Tenants and Guests) park in nearby school compounds and Target-Gemco Store Parking Lots, plus park in surrounding residential neighborhoods. In 40 yrs, parking and congestion is worse and no public transportation! Residents from both projects, rent parking spaces in nearby hoods, as vacant RV Parking Pads are being utilized for overage parking in both projects————Poor Urban Planning———-.

    Cer Fountain Walk HOA park in surrounding hoods and in USPO parking lot.

    Cerritos proposed project is going to negatively impact both the intersection and the mall traffic volume flow. Over the next decades, volume of tenants and parking, is not going to be mitigated. Poor Urban Planning!!

    Mortuary or center for disabled- impaired, would create least amount of traffic to this busy intersection. If over highway traffic bridge is created via Artesia Blvd., between the Town Center and the vacant Video Pad compounds, support a Fry’s or Ikea stores; as the traffic would egress-ingress via the mall and not the intersection, plus bring tax money to city. Other traffic bridges:

    • South Coast Mall;
    • Del Amo Mall,
    • Howard Hughes Center,
    • La Cieniga Center,
    • Rolling Hills Mall.

    Why is Cerritos not in the forefront in construction of an overhead bridge structure & abort rushing to construction of family residential apartments? This pad is expensive tax income producing freeway Sq Ft and should not be condemned for housing zoning ?

    Understand, this is a public hearing for CCC | June 27, 2013…………………..

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Sunday, June 16, 2013

    RE: La Palma Residents are upset & want answers!!!

    1. LP High School was not hired as employees at LP Wal-Mart.

    2. Wal-mart Center stores are upset at parking in front of vendor stores, as no place for patron to park, as Wal-Mart shoppers are parking lot hogs.

    3. LP El Rancho Verdes Park are upset of the current poor landscape maintenance conditions of said park. Home backing up to this mess are upset at the declining conditions…..

    4. LP Senior Affordable rentas are upset at the noise generated in the evenings from Cliffs Bar Parking Lot and pedestrian traffic, plus the engines noise from cars at Arco.

    5. Wal- Mart Center is upset at the vacated home south side of former Wallgreens. Real eyesore for new center.

    6. Tract of homes are upset from the car fumes generating from BOA- ATM Parking lot.

    7. Tract to the north and west of the Koran Grocer Center are upset of the re occurring issues from the delivery alley. Cant alley gate be installed?

    8. Park goers are upset of the non operable solar 911 emergency call center for more then yr.

    9. Landmark homes are upset at the proposed School District Kitchens at the district compounds south of Carls Jr, as will bring in more HD trucking.

    10. Stardust homes north of S Luther School are upset at the poor gardening at the park like play ground and the lack of landscaping along LP Blvd. Rear park is dead and the homes have to look at this mess. Students have no shade trees or landscape. Property owners are more then worried, as the school has become a regional center for many surrounding cities.

    11. Many arterial homes are upset from the lack of care to wall vines and the dead grass raised meridians down the center of Blvds.

    12. RV Owners are upset at the ongoing witch hunt for over night parking by LP PD. Where is family values.

    13. Landmark Homes are upset at the declining condition of the RR spur running thru the south side of the city, plus the homeless dwellers & increase amount of garbage.

    14. Patricia & Kathy Streets are upset of the over flow parking, stemming from Montecito HOA and apartments.

    15. Neighbors in the north are upset at the vacated Korean Restaurant and increasing vacant suites in the LP Town Center. Residents want grocery stores, drug stores to come to the TC. Neighbors pray for Soup Plantation, Cheesecake Factory and Beni Hannas to land in the vacant mall. 99 Cent Store, Lowes Store, In-Out Burger will bring traffic to a declining awesome mall. LP residents want like the LB Town Center has.

    16. Residents have begged for outdoor dining or gathering for yrs. @ strip mall cafe. Nothing!

    17. Residents want a detached planning commission from the LP city council.

    18. Many residents citywide, are complaining about the raised sidewalk meter boxes, creating obstacles when walking for the pedestrian sidewalks. The computer boxes are not flush mount with the sidewalk levels.

    19. McDonalds are upset at the dust bowl stemming from the strawberry he haw dirt parking lot, as creating dust bowl for McDonalds and diners. Union Gasoline were better neighbors.

    20. Orangethorpe apartments upset of the ingress to units, as freeway ramp and Chevron staging congestion. Hard to rent ground floor units along Orangethorpe, cause of the traffic back ups.


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