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Community Voices: Injured LAUSD Teacher Lashes Out at ‘California Worker’s Comp Corruption’

Los Angeles Unified School District

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Note: Los Cerritos Community Newspaper allows for our readers to submit their own “investigative” articles.  This is from Rozy Press, a resident of Los Angeles.  The opinions are strictly those of the author.

By Rozy Press

Workers’ Comp Corruption Breaks the Law and doesn’t follow Judicial Ethics as Judge Jerold Cohn and Dr. John Stalberg Lowered my Rating and Denied my Benefits. This is clearly shown in my documented LAUSD Workers’ Comp Case. My LAUSD Workers’ Comp Case is now 12 1/2 year old. LAUSD Admitted my WC case in 2002 as  an “Act of Violence” meaning physical injuries from being sprayed in my face with toxic chemicals by my student.  All documented and I’m totally disabled from being sprayed.

The goal of LAUSD in my Workers’ Comp Case, as they broke the Law, was not to provide the necessary medical treatment and care that I so desperately need.  Or even pay me at all as the Law requires.  In order I believe to accomplish this Rating was lowered and my Benefits were denied. WCAB Trial Judge Jerold Cohn made a medical diagnosis, changed all the facts in my case and not followed the Decision of the WC Appeals Board. Then “partnered” with Dr. John Stalberg who changed all the facts and adopted Judge Cohn medical diagnosis. Dr. Stalberg admitted under Oath that he hadn’t seen me for years or even wanted to. He didn’t even have the evidence to prove the medical diagnosis. But, he didn’t care. And then wrote a $16,770-$700 a page “Bogus” unsubstantiated Medical Report.

Workers’ Comp Corruption, Fraud and Injustice all to Lower my Rating and deny my Benefits

I was an art teacher at Sepulveda Middle School in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, when on December 8, 2000 I was sprayed in my face with the toxic chemicals from a fire extinguisher by one of my students. I was gasping for air, and my tongue was swelling and my nose was closing. The rest of my students were exposed to the chemicals and they were also getting very sick. Another LAUSD teacher died (7/2012) from being sprayed (6/2000).

Neither paramedics nor Hazmat clean-up were ever called, and 180 of my students sat exposed to the toxic yellow powder from the fire extinguisher which coated surfaces all over the room for months. I have documented lung damage, Fibromyalgia, pain, and exhaustion. Dr. Silverman, a rheumatologist, rated me 100% disabled due to now having Fibromyalgia from being sprayed at work. I have a LAUSD 12 1/2 year old, Admitted 2002, “Act of Violence” meaning physical injuries from being sprayed with the toxic chemicals. I was receiving benefits until 2009 when they were cut off.

Since then, all LAUSD and Workers Comp have wanted to do was Delay my case, Lower my Rating and Deny my Benefits. Judge Jerold Cohn and Dr. John Stalberg in partnership did just that for them. And now my health is deteriorating. I can’t pay my mortgage. I can’t pay my bills. And at times I do not have money for food. They did it by Lowering my Rating-Violating Insurance Code 1871.4, committing Fraud and breaking other laws.  My Case went all the way to the Ca. Supreme Court. Not one judge would base their Decisions on the substantiated evidence and make a fair, just and impartial Decision as required by Judicial Ethics. I wonder, Why? The long arm of LAUSD? Judge Cohn?

The Van Nuys Workers Comp Board (VNWCAB) Trial Judge Jerold Cohn made a medical diagnosis. He is not a doctor. He changed all the facts and testimony, added his own facts, and used inadmissible evidence. He changed those facts. He refused to give Dr. Silverman’s medical reports to Dr. Stalberg as the Workers’ Comp Appeal Board requested 4/1/2011. He delayed my case, maligned my character, and libeled me throughout all of his Findings, Opinions and Decisions. Judge Cohn went after me with a vengeance, vile and disgusting statements.

Dr. Stalberg’s 2005 Medical Report gave me a 100% Rating-credible and cooperative too. The Workers’ Comp Appeals Board in 2011 deemed Dr. Stalberg’s 2008 Medical Report unsubstantiated. My case was sent back to Judge Cohn  to have Dr. Silverman’s, the Rheumatologist, medical records sent to Dr. Stalberg. Judge Cohn refused. Judge Cohn refused, made his own medical diagnosis and changed the facts again.

He found a willing “Partner in Crime” Dr. John Stalberg. He changed all the facts to adopt Judge Cohn’s medical diagnosis. LAUSD paid Dr. Stalberg $16,770 – that’s $700 a page – for his 2011 Medical Report. Dr. Stalberg hadn’t seen me, talked to me, or examined me for 4 years. He admitted under Oath, in 2012 that he didn’t even have all the medical records, or the evidence to prove Judge Cohn’s medical diagnosis. And he didn’t care.

Another “Partner in Crime” was Dr. Alvin Markowitz who did a stethoscope exam to determine Fibromyalgia instead of the standard pressure point exam. No ethical doctor uses a stethoscope to determine Fibromyalgia.

Criminal Fraud, Corruption and Injustice – that’s my Ca. Workers’ Comp Case. I will be more than happy to provide any of the documented evidence that you would like to see. Millions of Ca. Injured Workers experience the same criminal corruption in their California Workers’ Comp Cases. Please help to Save Lives and Change the Laws.

It’s time for All Workers, All  Injured Workers’ to Unite. UNITED WE CAN WIN!

Thank you again,

Rozy Press

Los Angeles, CA

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