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Cerritos Resident, West Point Grad Albert Song Dies After Brutal LA Nightclub Attack

Cerritos resident Albert Song, 24.

Cerritos resident Albert Song, 24.

By Brian Hews

Updated, Revised

Cerritos resident Albert Song was living the “American Dream,” but now his family is planning for his funeral after he died from injuries he sustained in a brutal fight in a Los Angeles night club.

Song, 24, who was a first lieutenant in the United States Army was at the Icon LA Ultra Lounge to celebrate his friend’s wedding with about a dozen friends earlier this week.

Apparently one of his Song’s friends became involved in some type of a physical altercation.  Song apparently tried to stop the fight but in the process, he was beaten and knocked to the ground.

Song was rushed to a nearby hospital emergency room but when he arrived, his injuries had left him brain dead.

Song is a graduate of Whitney High School in Cerritos as well as the United States Military Academy at West Point and was an “elite officer.”

Song was kept on a respirator until his organs are donated to patients on the national registry on Tuesday.

One longtime Cerritos resident who did not want to be identified told LCCN that “Albert was a good kid, well-liked by his classmates at Whitney and his fellow swimmers.”

“Albert was committed to serving his country. No one deserves to have beaten this way,” the family friend said.

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  • Ellen says:

    Someone needs to go to jail for this