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Suspected Burglary Suspect Nabbed in Cerritos on Tuesday

crime tape

By Brian Hews

A burglary suspect has been arrested by the Cerritos Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday, officials announced on Tuesday.

Neighborhoods throughout Cerritos have been prime targets in recent months for residential thefts. Tuesday’s formal announcement about an arrest was welcomed news for many in the community who have fallen victim to these residential crimes.

According to a statement issued to members of the media, at 1:04 p.m. on May 30, Cerritos Sheriff’s Station deputies responded to a call regarding a burglary that had just occurred.

The caller reported that two males ran out of a garage on a Cerritos residential street and towards an arterial street.

Cerritos Sheriff’s deputies searched the area and detained one male matching a description provided by the caller.

The suspect, a 23-year-old resident of Long Beach, was positively identified as one of the suspects seen leaving the garage and was arrested for burglary. Deputies found items taken from the residence in his possession. The Cerritos Sheriff’s Station Residential Burglary Task Force is handling the follow-up investigation.

The name of the arrested suspect was not immediately released by Cerritos Sheriff’s officials, nor was the amount of bail for the suspect revealed.

“We are in the early booking process of the suspect,”  said Lt. Harpham.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper will continue to follow this case during the next several days and weeks.

Cerritos residents are encouraged to observe the activities in their neighborhood and report any suspicious activity to the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station by calling (562) 860-0044. To report an emergency or a crime in progress, residents should call 911. More crime prevention tips are available on the City’s Safer Cerritos website at safercerritos.com.

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  • McMahon, J. says:

    Wednesday, June 05, 2013

    Seeing vacant Sheriff Units parked at the Cerritos Wells Fargo Bank, great way of efficiently using non- op patrol units during the day hrs.

    Negative side, still witnessing BW Sheriffs units and Wh Sheriff park Patrol Units, sitting and gossiping in and around the Regional Park. What waste of tax payers money.

    • Still seeing allot of prostitution along Del Amo Blvd.
    • Still hearing of allot of drug trafficing in Cerritos High School.
    • Still seeing allot of homeless in the South part of Cerritos.
    • Still seeing allot of day labors hanging out in the Cerritos Home Depot.
    • Still seeing allot of sexting of cell cameras by the High Schools and 2 Malls.
    • Not seeing the captain holding meet and greet coffee hrs, nor returning calls of emails.
    • Still seeing SD cars hanging out in the back areas of Starbucks, gossiping and using personal cell call.
    • Trees throughout the city, are still overgrown and choking out the illumination of city’s street trees growing in the blvd.
    • Placed a 911 call for El Rancho Verdes Park, patrol units were lost, did not know the location of said park.

    Many tracts in SOC, illustrate Crime Stats Poster boards, near the entranceway of tracts, to get the word out, fast, about recent crimes in the community. When I asked the former SD captain about this advertisement, his response, the Chinese community would be spooked by this avenue. Hell with the Chinese, when was this city voted to be run by Chinese Laws!

    S-t-o-p—- C-r-i-m-e-s:
    • Improve Hood Synergy.
    • Home Alarms.
    • Trim Shrubs away from homes.
    • Lock Side Gate.
    • Hide expensive parked cars in driveway.
    • Cars should be staged w/club steering wheel locks.
    • Stop raping hoods w/ day labor traffic.
    • Stop using homes for Craigslist ads for sales and Chinese massages parlors.
    • Use yard lites at night hrs.
    • Stop using cer homes for part time residences.
    • Stop using illegal house keepers and gardeners, as their friends are raping us blind.
    • Hold monthly neighborhood greetings.
    • Block captains post Illustration boards, to advertise crime in hoods.