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Time Lapse Video Of Powerhouse Fire Shows Fast Growing Blaze In Lake Hughes, Santa Clarita Area

 By Brian Hews

At least five homes have been destroyed in the Santa Clarita and Lake Hughes area due to the Powerhouse Fire that began on Thursday.

As of Saturday night at 11 p.m. evacuations remain in place along Lake Hughes Road including two youth probation camps and Cottonwood campground.

According to officials at Cal Fire, Lake Hughes Road has been closed from Cottonwood campground on the North to Lake Castaic on the South.

Also, San Fransciquito Canyon Road remains under a hard closure. Bouquet Canyon Road is under a soft closure open to residence only. Elisabeth Lake Road is under a soft closure open to residence only.

“Fire was able to come into alignment with slope, winds, low RH and critically dry fuels making extreme head runs on all open divisions with long range spotting and very active backing and flanking fire,” officials at Cal Fire posted on their website.

The Powerhouse Fire was first spotted and became well developed north of Lake Hughes Road.

The communities of Lake Hughes is under mandatory evacuations and Elisabeth Lake is under a voluntary evacuation order from the Sheriffs.

On Saturday, a You Tube video was posted on line that shows a time lapse video of the fire. Los Cerritos Community Newspaper has placed the video on line to show the dramatic footage.

A Red Cross evacuation center is located at Marie Kerr Park, 39700 30th St. W. Palmdale, 93551 for residence. Red Cross will identify any new animal evacuation centers. Small animals Lancaster Animal Shelter, 5210 W Avenue I, Lancaster, CA 93536 or Castaic Animal Shelter, 31044, Charlie Canyon Rd, Castaic, CA 913536.


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  • McMahon, J. says:

    Sunday, June 02, 2013.

    With all of the 2013 Wildfires, past years fires and the great Yorba Linda Firestorm, city of Cerritos still illustrates greed, as the city owns so many empty buildings which could be used for temporary housing. Remember, July is the first yr anniversary, for the copper wire theft from the proposed Museum Building for Cerritos, which was stolen under the foot steps of the Cerritos Sheriff Station…… Yr after year, the city has so much surplus money; they don’t know how to prioritize. This is the byproduct of the falling republican era in the city. Voters need to shop elected council persons the next election.

    All this council knows is how to be pseudo ambassadors to China, Korea and Japan.

    1. Vacant Former Mullikan-Museum Building.
    2. Vacant 166th St Warehouse Buildings.
    3. Vacant Hotel Pad on Studebaker.
    4. Underground parking structure at city compounds.
    5. Vacant Horticulture Pad at CHS.