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WalMart to Open in Hawaiian Gardens

By Brian Hews



On the heels of re-opening the WalMart in Cerritos, the company announced this past Wednesday that it will opening a Neighborhood Store in Hawaiian Gardens.


The approximately 43,000 square foot store will fill a retail space that has been vacant for a few years in a shopping center at the intersection of Carson Street and Norwalk Boulevard. The store will be located at 12120 Carson Street.


The store will provide a new option for fresh and affordable groceries, as well as an assortment of everyday goods. Walmart brings new tax revenue to the cities where it operates, as well as quality jobs with competitive benefits. The new store will bring approximately 65 new job opportunities to the community.


Walmart operates four Neighborhood Markets in Los Angeles County in Downey, Bell Gardens, Altadena and Panorama City. First opened in 1998, there are now more than 250 Walmart Neighborhood Markets nationwide.


The new WalMart will be a nice compliment o the healthier foods initiative Activate Hawaiian Gardens.


In 2011, Walmart established its healthier food initiative designed to make food healthier and healthier food more affordable. During the first two years of Walmart’s healthier food initiative, the company helped make it easier for customers to create healthier diets and, ultimately, live healthier lives by saving customers $2.3 billion on fresh fruits and vegetables; developing and launching a front-of-package icon which will appear on more than 1,300 Walmart Great Value and Marketside items as well as fresh and packaged fruits and vegetables; reducing salt and sugars in its private brand and national food brands.


  • FLF says:

    Sure sounds good and most likely if it is ok or better than the other grocery stores in the area, it will get a lot of business, including mine. BUT the place should have some very good security as it is in a very ‘tough’ neighborhood area of ner-do-wells and street urchins. The Target store up Bloomfield at Del Amo has now had to put security guards in place to try and stop the shoplifters etc. We have shopped there for YEARS and never figured they would need any.. but times have changed. It will be no different at Carson and Norwalk…

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Friday, May 31, 2013

    Doubtful if the Wal-Mart will survive in HG, as the only store to last, was the former Plow Boys, which was technically in E. Lakewood. The HG economy is not strong enough to support 2 grocery stores, plus 3 Wal-Marts in the area: ( La Palma- Cerritos and Long Beach Towne Center)…. New HG location, will not be supported by Los Alamitos, Cypress nor Rossmoor shopping power!

    Also, HG is mostly a rental income, w/small number of owner occupied residential homes; plus many HG residents can not legally get a CDL, as the state will not issues for illegal immigration status. This hurts HG buying powers!

    Bloomfield Target Store is getting rough. One of the many reasons for this, is the location of sheriff, as borders LA/OC, as the area jurisdiction is rather iffy for routine patrol:
    1. Cerritos Sheriffs
    2. Lakewood Sheriff
    3. Cypress PD
    4. La Palma PD
    5. Long Beach PD
    6. Los Coyotes River Bed is home to growing Homeless Population.

    Lack of diversity, closed HG Home Base, too bad the surrounding cities are not racially diversified, as demographics is hurting the social and economics’ for urban growth.

  • Virginia Johnson says:

    The only Walmart I go to is the one west of the 605 fwy. on Carson Street. The 3 closest to my address are dangerous and sloppy. The shelves are picked through and things stolen at the other stores like Lakewood, Delamo, Willow and Florence stores.
    It might make a difference since this BG Walmart is mostly JUST a local grocery store like in Downey and they seem to be doing pretty good and are clean.
    Another trouble with all Targets and Walmarts is that I always have to sidestep boxes and things fallen in the aisles while the store Personnel are hiding somewhere talking with each other. This workplace socializing is getting much worse. Sometimes I have my son in wheelchair but forget that; when trying to have people or employees move aside when I say excuse me. Being so oblivious, I’d hate to see how they drive a car. Just my 2 cents.

  • Denise Brown says:

    I love the new concept of a Neighborhood Market by WalMart. I really never shopped at Walmart, but when the Neighborhood Market came to town in Downey, I thought I would give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. The prices cannot be beat. . .literally. If there is something on sale at the local Ralphs or Stater Brothers. . . .they will match that sale price right at the cash register. They have a full service Pharmacy, I can buy something at Walmart. com and they will ship it right to the store for free. The employees are all so friendly and when I ask where something is they actually walk me right to it. No complaints here!

    • Virginia Johnson says:

      To Denise Brown June 21st 2013.
      Thank you for your response. I wanted to just click “LIKE” on your comment but it wasn’t available. I believe in the Unions And I also believe in Free Enterprise like Walmart. virginia

      • McMahon, J. says:

        Friday, June 21, 2013


        I asked the WM Mgmt why install a WM in Haw Gardens, so close to the LB Towne Center. Mgmt response, many residents in HG have no car or CDMV, so brought new affordable grocery store to HG.

        LP Wal-mart is disappointment and many LP (PTA) and students are boycotting, as LP WM did not hire LP employees, even though WM had an employment pt of contact in the parking lot. Employees are mainly from:
        • BP
        • Stan
        • Ana
        • SFS
        • GG
        • HG

        Like LB TC the best, great 24/ 7 hrs and diversity in WM shoppers.

        WM Bakeries are fair rated by me, nothing eye appealing. Almost zero foods for vegans nor Vegan Meats, etc. Very sm line of glutton free foods and no Orthodox foods. Thought the veggies would be displayed more like Plow Boys of the old Ranch Style Produce Marts. Cosco still is #1 in take out dining food trays.

        Sure wish WM had some outdoor dining, compared to some of the Cosco’s, Starbucks and Hamburger Shops.

  • Steve Parker says:

    Just drove by the location. When Walmart opens i think it will be the best shopping center in HG … looks like the property owners are putting in a lot of improvements. Will be nice to have new businesses in the area…

  • Michael says:

    Shame on Hawaiian Gardens for the lack of consideration for all the small businesses who have stuck around this run down city before any Walmart, Casino or any other large enterprises even considered building in this god forsaken town.