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Ex-Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg Jumps Into 2014 State Senate Race Held By Padilla


Former California State Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg is seeking to return to Sacramento in 2014.

Former California State Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg is seeking to return to Sacramento in 2014.

By Brian Hews

Former California State Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg announced on Wednesday that he will be a candidate for the California State Senate in 2014 for a seat currently being held by Senator Alex Padilla.

In a statement to members of the media, including to Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Group, Hertzberg confirm his desire to return to Sacramento.

“As so many of you know, I was proud to serve as Speaker of the California State Assembly more than a decade ago.  Since then, on a volunteer basis, I have helped so many elected officials, worked for so many causes, and never have lost my deep interest in public service and the common good. It is my DNA. It is my passion,” Hertzberg said.

“Today, I have filed the preliminary papers to begin my efforts to serve in the California State Senate representing the San Fernando Valley portion of the City of Los Angeles. A State Senate District includes nearly one million folks- making a California State Senate District the 10th largest city in America,” he stated.

“With the support of the current incumbent, Alex Padilla, who is moving on to seek the California Secretary of State’s office, I will be running in the Primary Election to be held in June 2014.  The General election will be held in November 2014.  I am starting early so I have the time to run a campaign the way I like — the old fashioned way, face to face, door to door, talking with as many folks as I can possibly meet,” Hertzberg said.

“I will soon formally announce among my friends in the San Fernando Valley. I am excited to begin the process. I want to begin working on the visionary big issues, as well as bringing a common sense outlook to solving our day-to-day challenges,” he told supporters.

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  • FLF says:

    Just what the valley needs, is ONE more uber liberal democrat to help destroy the state even further! Nowhere in the article did I see him named as a liberal democrat! If he were a republican it would have been noted in the FIRST sentence! And there is no bias in the news? Ya right, liberalism in the media is now ingrained in their DNA..