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Condominium Development Proposed for Artesia and Bloomfield Parcels In Cerritos


Rendering of new proposed project in Cerritos at the corner of Artesia Boulevard and Bloomfield Avenue.

Rendering of new proposed project in Cerritos at the corner of Artesia Boulevard and Bloomfield Avenue.

By Brian Hews

The Picerne Group, a commercial and real estate developer based out of San Juan Capistrano, has proposed to purchase part of the long abandoned center on the corner of Artesia and Bloomfield and build a five level-four story plus mezzanine- residential development with 198 luxury for-rent units built to condominium standards along with a fully screened parking structure. The development will be named Via Piazzo.

The proposal also includes the construction of a leasing area, clubhouse, fitness area, interior courtyard, recreation and pool area, landscaping, and related improvements.
Torrey N. Contreras, Director of Community Development for the City said of the project, “We have a good working relationship with Picerne, it is going to be a first class project. As Cerritos residents know, that site has been shuttered for many years we think that providing housing options presents a good opportunity for the city.”
City officials told LCCN that Picerne is in position to acquire the land from the bank
and as soon as they complete the purchase the development can begin.
The complex will take the western end of the parcel across the parking lot from the current Sam Ash store. The Hollywood Video, Mattress Gallery and Border’s Books buildings will all be demolished to make way for the development.
The condominiums will be rented at first with an option for the Picerne group to sell individual units if they so choose.
Artist’s rendering of the development to be located on the corner of Artesia and Bloomfield, The five level-four story plus mezzanine- residential development with 198 luxury for-rent units built to condominium standards along with a fully screened parking structure. The development will be named Via Piazzo.

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Sunday, May 26, 2013

    Cerritos | 5 Story Apartments | 200 Units? |

    No no no, location will only create more blighted Projects like the Compton Landing Co delivered in to Norwalk. This strip zoning with no changes to the existing street grid, will only add congestion and the tenants will pour out onto Artesia Blvd and intersections. Another fusion of the following poor Housing Projects:
    • Del Amo Apartments- East Lakewood ( Fusion of Condo-Rentals)
    • Willow Brook- So Central
    • Ramona Gardens Projects- So Central
    • Norwalk Manor-
    • Vacant San Pedro Military Barack Projects & Public Housing Projects in San Pedro.

    Yes, yes yes to Irvine Towers and many many hi rises along the Ocean frontage on Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, Ca.



    1. Need subterranean parking structure, keep parking out of site!
    2. There will be no ocean –Catalina views, so we need a 10 story hi rise, to capitalize on the ocean vistas to the south.
    3. Will there be roof top tennis?
    4. What happened to the proposed pedestrian bridge to Towne Center in this area?
    5. Left turn lanes are impossible to maneuver in this vicinity.
    6. Will there be studio units?
    7. If there are 4-5 bedroom units, where will the children attend school, as Leal Elementary is full & no local parks for playgrounds?
    8. Dual Master suites?
    9. Don’t like the strip zoning, as the existing music store has to be part of this condemning process. Residential tract and not a residential- commercial tract.
    10. Will this impact the existing water pump station?
    11. Existing Real Estate Office is a blight and does not meet Code Enforcement Rules and non conforming to the Towne Center, AKA: Coldwell Banker RE Office.
    12. http://cerritospublicworks.blogspot.com/……….public landscaping in this area is mess, along with allot of illegal graffiti pallets.
    13. Automated-audio pedestrian crosswalk, as very congested intersection?
    14. Will the traffic control blinking cameras, be nuisance flashing and blinding the residential interior units?
    15. No mention of any water features along the freeway corridor, compared to hi rise in Irvine.
    16. Steel construction beams or tilt up wood construction design?
    17. During the peak, pre-recession era, what was the tax dollars the city received from this business strip?
    18. Nothing mentioned about green efficient building, nor solar attachments.
    19. Nothing mentioned the fusion of Urban Planning meets the proposal.

  • R U Kidding says:

    Are we to understand the city has seriously taken into consideration the impact of up to 400 cars, all at once, attempting to get out of this confined area 5 days a week during early morning rush hour?

    Will the city need to add yet one or two more stop lights. Like this small city doesn’t have enough already.

    A nice idea, but the location’s impact on the community SUCKS!! An accident (multiple) waiting to happen, especially at a red light camera intersection.

    The obvious reason for the consideration is the city needs income. Can you spell city council expensive dinners and overseas travel. The council’s wasteful spending is counting on these new “high income” residents “walking” over to the Towne Center.

    The city would be better served moving this project over to empty land at the Towne Center. However, this can’t be done, because of what appears to be a personal agenda. The land it seems is being held for a ‘special PET project,’ being pushed by certain city leaders.

  • @R U Kidding says:

    What are they building in the PET site? I completely agree with you. WHy would you build a residential devlopemnt in a busy commerical area like this? THey should build a costco if anything or something

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    Former Hollywood Video Compound, should be retro to fit the following, plus construction of an over head bridge to the Town Center. Apartments proposed, will only follow ruins to ; or end up being like the proposed Overlay Zoning in the mid 2005 era, which was killed. Lets face it, Cerritos does not have diversity in stores and restaurants, compared to two decades ago.

    • Fry Electronics
    • Ikea
    • Cheesecake Factory
    • Beni Hanna’s Restaurant
    • Bloomingdales.
    • Spaghetti Factory
    • Lowes
    • Sub satellite of Memorial Medical Centers.
    • Bus depot sub station.
    • Lawry’s Restaurant.
    • RV Sales and Repair Center.
    • Anderson Soup and Restaurant.
    • Retail Discount Outlets stores.


  • Joanne says:

    I, for one, wouldn’t buy a condo right by a freeway. It will just sit there vacant.

  • In the Shadow of the Gates says:

    I thought former Cerritos Mayor Grace Hu bought this shopping center. Once again, good ole Gracie is hiding in the bushes, counting her money and stealing another “silent partner” zoning deal.
    Watch out Planning Commission/City Council, the squeeze is on & the eyes of the city are watching you.

  • Realtor says:

    We don’t need any more housing, is this a bad joke?

  • Gmc says:

    I sure hope the planning department carefully considers this proposed residential development. The property as a commercial/retail space was always awkward to get in and out of with one driveway access. As was said before the change to residential housing (or as I see it, dense-pack housing) makes the whole traffic dynamics on Artesia Bl. and Bloomfield very problematic.

    With Walmart across the street, increasing their volume with a full grocery store, customer traffic and their truck supply deliveries going into the Artesia Blvd. driveway may create a major traffic bottleneck. And on the other side on Bloomfield Bl. with the freeway entrance and exit traffic of the 91 FWY, that area will be a mess during peak hours. Let’s face it, the Artesia and Bloomfield intersection is one of the busiest thoroughfares in Cerritos.

    This might even be a general safety issue for the proposed residents of this development in the event of an emergency. Will they be able to evacuate this property easily (again, one drive access onto a one way street). And likewise, will emergency vehicles have easy access into the property.

    This is one awkward piece of property. I think major retailers recognized this and past on an investment there. The minor retailers that were there suffered not only because they weren’t attractive enough to the immediate general public but it just wasn’t easy to get in there. Maybe our city leaders also recognize that this is a challenging property and are willing to let the few developers willing to take a crack at it plan what ever they think will return their investment. If not commercial, let try residential. And to this, I hope the city is not subsidizing with tax incentives or otherwise to attract investment there.

    I’m for smart growth, but it goes hand in hand with good planning and dare I say intelligent design. Good luck to us all, Cerritos residents, for it may already be a forgone conclusion.