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Former Zev Yaroslavsky Chief of Staff Calls Out Los Angeles Times for Sub-Standard Coverage of Wendy Greuel

Letter to LA Times Editor
Re: Emails Show Greuel Turned Controller’s Office Over to Political Operatives
Dear LA Times Editor,
Mr Maharaj:
This comprehensive political story above I should have been reading in the Los Angeles Times. The story outlines a flagrant alleged violation of state law, using city of Los Angeles taxpayer paid resources, for the campaign for Mayor of Los Angeles.

I have some standing on this issue as a former campaign manager for Zev Yaroslavsky, former Assessor Alex Pope, Councilman Robert Ronka etc. I was investigated by the LA County DA’s office for this same action, as was lucky no action was taken.

We count on your paper, with substantial resources to investigate allegations such as these reported in the Cerritos newspaper. In the remaining three weeks of the mayoral campaign, I would hope the Los Angeles Times will get involved and report this issue to your many thousands of readers in the City of Los Angeles.
Regards, Jack McGrath
GM Communications

  • Bill Raabe says:

    In the late 60s and early 70s the trustees were elected by district. The voters changed that. And to Mr. McMahon, who isn’t known for a good relationship with the facts, Gretchen Whitney of ARTESIA was on the board for 20 years, as was (I believe) Bob Elliott. I believe both Vince Marchetti and Carl Rogers (not the butcher) were from Lakewood, and I think George Woodworth (I think that was his last name) lived in HG. Whether at large or by trustee area, Cerritos will remain the largest city and will dominate the board.

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Saturday, May 04, 2013.

    RE: | Reply Mr. M Raabe |

    Remember during that era, major changes were happening to the landscape of Dairy Valley.

    • Late 60’s: Opening of the 605 Freeway, which split the city on the west.
    • Early 70’s : Opening of the 91 Freeway, which split many cities in the district.
    • Building of Cerritos residential hoods with new housing tracts of 4-6 bedroom homes.
    • Development of Tanglewood Community in Cypress- Long Beach section of ABCUSD.
    • Baby breeders of Post WW2 Era were starting families.
    • Huge work force centers: McDonald Douglas, GM Plant, Shipyards.
    • Dads were returning from WW2 & Vietman Wars.

    When moved in to the district in ’75; many PETITIONS were circulated, as the boundary lines of many school districts were helter skelter; some lines drawn around the placement of Dairy Valley so called Brothels.

    Cerritos may be one of the largest pads, in the Trust, but may not produce the most students. Lets not forget a major player unfolding in front of us, many home stocks are becoming rentals and multi families, living under one roof; which may create more transient and short term students in the district. Unfort. this may create chaos for state and federal funding for students.

    Data: Many families in the ABCUSD are leaving for Los Alamitos School Districts and Oxford Academy; as the Heartland of America influence and socialization has disappeared from the roots of ABC.

    I am ashamed of many of the trustee board members, as they are major players for feeding the bridge between USA and China; then concentrating on today’s Heartland of America values being digested in to the districts curriculum.

    Agree with a LCCN published article, ABC has over emphasized the brain and forgot about student’s development of social and physical development of the body structure and toning of students. Life is not all about white collar students, as our housing stock & urban landscape is failing from blue collar labor jobs & work force!