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Former LA City Councilwoman Ruth Galanter Files Ethics Charges Against Wendy Greuel

Based her complaint on the story published in print and online in Los Cerritos Community News.


In a complaint filed today with the City Ethics Commission, former Councilwoman Ruth Galanter challenged City Controller and mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel’s use of city computers for campaign purposes.  Galanter based her complaint on revelations by the Los Cerritos Community News that  Greuel routinely communicated with her campaign operatives from her city office and using city computers, a clear violation of the Municipal Code.

“Ms. Greuel’s misuse of public resources is an insult to the voters and taxpayers of Los Angeles made even more egregious by the fact that  we taxpayers are paying her approximately $200,000 a year (plus a car and a cellphone) to prevent just such misuse, “ Galanter said.


  • FLF says:

    Ahh the saga of uber retarded liberal socialist obamanista & clintonista Wendy continues… This couldn’t happen at a better time.. (LOL) Now Eric is no prize either but MUCH better than this liar cut out of the same cloth as the DC nightmare we have now!