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April 26 Community News E-Edition

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Tuesday, April 30, 2013.

    RE | Reply Mr. Gavin Riley Editorial-Districts |

    Pg #4


    Find upsetting, your Letter to the Editor is from you, who was a former ABC Teacher and Union Leader and have neighbors which are a great influence to your editorials and your home is bulls-eye in the center of 90703; hence far removed from the southern most district boundaries. Your sphere of influence from your neighbors:

    • Celica Spitzer (Trustee)
    • (R) Gloria Kappe (former teacher- Spitzer neighbor)
    • (R) Carol Chen ( Council Person)
    • (R) Knabe (Councilperson, Supervisor and stock holder of Calmet Trash)
    • (R) Mrs. Barrows ( Councilperson wife and teacher employee)
    • (R) Bowlen ( Former Council & teacher)
    • (R) Edwards (Former Council and Teacher)
    • (R) Crawley ( Former Council and Teacher)

    I have lived in the area most of my life. Never recall a trustee being elected from ABC-Long Beach Section, nor Artesia, one from E Lakewood, none from Hawaiian Gardens or Norwalk Strips.

    Fortunately, in past years, I have worked in the outlining isolated strip hoods and island areas and have interviewed parents and children from districts far reaching areas. Many have fled the ABCUSD to: La Palma, Bellflower, Lakewood and Los Alamitos, because these areas are infected with no social or economic ties to ABCUSD! Even interviewed former Artesia residents; who lived in Dairy Valley, as these oldies told me about SAME issues haunting the ABCUSD decades ago.

    Mr. Riley, leave your security bared home; and please interview some of the original residents who live in Bechard Estates, dating back to the 30’s, as the same shenanigans are regurgitating today from yesteryears.

    Furthermore, irritated that the Horticulture Plots at CHS are still vacant for more then 3 decades and the dam old Teachers Union you are spearheading has done nothing to aid this blight or bring horticulture back to the district. Smutts and Mary Sieu should be sent to the social guillotines for censoring over this ongoing mess.

    Support districts for the trustees and hope and pray, Cerritos Council will be divided in to districts, as the same old retreads are being generated from Shadow Park GOP’s, even in today’s Council. Could vomit, every time hear about the organized regimes from Shadow Park GOP’s or the elite golden urine flowing from Whitney Penitentiary! Lets put money back for the classrooms and stop the pimping trips to Asia and China for private study sessions, in order to avoid the Brown Act.

    Combined: Unions + Leal + Whitney; all equally have destroyed the district and torn real estate values in our city and the 9 surrounding cities.

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