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‘The Boat’ at David Henneberry’s house at 67 Franklin Street in Watertown becomes new ‘iconic’ symbol in Boston

This is the BOAT where "Suspect 2" was using when he was arrested.  Photo CNN

This is the BOAT that”Suspect 2″ was using when he was arrested in Watertown, MA. Photo CNN

By Brian Hews

You can now add “the boat” to the famous symbols of history in Boston.

The image of the now famous “boat” at 67 Franklin Street in Watertown is being seen all around the world on Saturday, but a simple internet search of the address leads to a photo of the dry docked vessel that is owned by David Henneberry.

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was discovered hiding inside of Henneberry’s boat after he tipped off police.

Tsarnaev was captured Friday night.

Speaking to the “Today” show, family spokesman Robert Duffy described how Henneberry, his stepfather, came across something “out of the ordinary” in his 20-foot boat, which was stored for the winter in his backyard.

Duffy said that his mother and Henneberry had stepped outside into the backyard to get some fresh air after authorities lifted the in-home ban. It was then that Henneberry noticed something unusual about the boat — the tarp was flapping in the wind. Henneberry “walked over for a closer glimpse and noticed once of the retention strips had actually been cut,” Duffy told “Today.” “It hadn’t worn, it hadn’t come free, it was literally cut.”

Using a step ladder to get a closer look inside the boat, Henneberry saw a small amount of blood and instantly knew something wasn’t right. Acting quickly, the Watertown boat owner backed off and immediately informed police.

The rest is now “history” and “the boat” could be headed into a symbolic retirement and just might become a new “iconic” symbol of American folk lore.

  • Mike says:

    did the owner get a new one? because after 126 shots it no longer floats.