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April 19 Community News E-Edition

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  • McMahon, J. says:

    Saturday, April 20, 2013

    RE: ABC –VS- District Div.
    Pg 3

    Great read, Hope this article gets the attention it deserves. Didn’t the LCCN write about how Downey went after Cer JC for equal representation and won. Hope the same prevails in ABC and all of the cities involved are equally represented.

    Very odd, most of the names published in support of these issues are the areas well known Democrats. Like to hear from the Republican Elephants, as they have a memory which never forgets. The outcome in ABC will eventually spread to creating districts in Cerritos, allot like greater city of Long Beach has currently. Also like to hear from teen age students and young adults, plus handicappers on this subject. Hope the editors of LCCN perform 1:1 interviews of the fine students at Tracey, where Mrs. Battery Barrows is an educator. No, no no more from Whitney HS, as the community is mentally ready to wet our pants, on reading the Carnegie from this campus.

    So so sick of listening to the ABC Trustee meetings, as all of the Chinese seem to talk like they are still in the breast feeding mode, as have difficulty with spitting out English. These are our CEO’s of the great educational trust. If the trustee is so dam interested in duplicating China educational standards in to ABC, why dont they move back to China, as we need more vacated homes for buyers who want to be Heartland of America residents.

    In the following months, like to read in the LCCN from residents in the following ears, which use ABC and get their input:
    • East Long Beach
    • East Lakewood
    • Hawaiian Gardens
    • Any of Bellflower
    • Sections of Norwalk
    • Artesia
    • Think there is a few La Palma Hoods by the Post Office