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LA, OC Sheriff’s on ‘Heightened Alert’ After Boston Bomb Attacks

By Brian Hews
The ramifications of the massive explosions in Boston on Monday have prompted both the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Orange County Sheriff’s Department to go on a “heighten state of alert.”
“While the cause of the explosions this morning at the Boston Marathon are still under investigation, our vigilance has been raised,” said LA County Sheriff Lee Baca in a statement to the media just two hours after the series of bombings rocked the annual run in Boston.
“The heightened alert of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department includes increased patrols to create a more visible presence where people congregate, such as government buildings, shopping centers, athletic events, and public transit. Partnering with local police and public safety agencies and other countywide efforts have been enhanced, including opening the Sheriff’s Department Operations Center to maximize communication,” Baca said.
“As always, we encourage the public: ‘If You See Something, Say Something.’ The greatest deterrent to crime is often a phone call to law enforcement by a person who sees something that just doesn’t look right,” said Sheriff Baca. He concluded that “Our thoughts and prayers go to the many victims, families, friends, and first responders affected by this tragedy.
In Santa Ana, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said in a statement, “Although the tragic incident in Boston, Massachusetts this afternoon appears to be isolated, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is on heightened alert.”
“Our deputies will have an increased presence at local sporting/entertainment venues and other large gathering places. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has a sophisticated integrated response plan to act quickly and protect citizens in the event of a local emergency,” Hutchens said.
“We are actively reaching out to local event organizers to review their safety protocol, as well as ensuring our first responders are properly equipped with necessary resources should a similar incident occur,” Hutchens said.

  • Mark Hylland says:

    Thank you Mr Worldwide Reporter. YOU continue to keep US UPDATED no matter where we are in the world. Be safe everyone. GOD BLESS AMERICA.