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ABCUSD: District ‘Did Not Violate California Voting Rights Act’

ABC Unified School District

ABC Unified School District (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Brian Hews

The top official at the ABC Unified School District does not believe that they have violated the California Voting Rights Act of 2001 after a law suit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday.

Dr. Mary Sieu, Superintendent of the Cerritos-based public school system told Los Cerritos Community Newspaper in an interview that “our district does not believe that we have violated the California Voting Rights Act, and we are reviewing the law suit at this time.”

Sieu did not want to discuss specific details about the law suit but said that she was “initially surprised” to learn that the suit was filed.

On Wednesday, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund announced that they will be “joining” forces with the law firm Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho in the suit against the ABCUSD that contends that the school district “currently uses an at-large method to elect its Board of Trustees, which has denied Latino residents the opportunity to elect Board Members of their choice for more than fifteen years.”

A Special Meeting of the ABC Unified School Board of Education will be held next Tuesday, April 16, at 5 p.m. at the Districts headquarters located at Norwalk Boulevard and 166th Street in Cerritos to specifically discus the matter.

The seven member Board will immediately go into a private “closed session” where it is expected that the item will be discussed with legal representatives from the District.

Sieu said that a public statement would be issued after the closed session if any “official decision or action is taken.”

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  • Mark L. says:

    It doesn’t matter. Nobody effectively defends those lawsuits and they will go to district elections. Guaranteed that will ruin the school district. Just like it has done everywhere it’s been implemented.

    • KS says:

      City of Palmdale fought through trial (ended last week). Millions spent on their attorneys, and still the result will almost certainly be the same — a finding that Palmdale violated the CVRA. The only difference is that those who fight, and spend millions in taxpayer dollars to protect their own board/council seats, end up paying way more to attorneys (the jurisdiction’s attorneys, and ultimately the plaintiffs’ attorneys as well).

      • McMahon, J. says:

        Sunday, May 19, 2013.

        RE: ABC District Lines | S District |

        Not liking the pseudo imaginary (ABC) line, the southern district, will create for the property owners and students residing south of 195th or Del Amo. City already has division west of 605 and north of the 91 Fwy. If the RR spur is activated, along with overlay from the school district, we may be creating a set of tier social and economic levels, which we have no long term data to analyze.

        Our insurance premiums are divided in to 3 sections for Cerritos, now with this new line, the city may be deeply divided even more so. Look how the gated community of Shadow Park as alienated itself from the city, as the southern section could be referred to as the less fortunate kids from , aka: more landscape for bullying.

        Remember all of the hoopla and litigation over the nocturnal gate across Pioneer Blvd, south of Carson, to keep Hawaiian Gardens out of pompous Long Beach El Dorado Park Estates! Then remember all of the new installations of dead end street ( via rails-fence barricades) to separate drag racing between streets, back in the 50’s……really effected RE prices and created class tier levels for homeowners.


  • McMahon, J. says:

    Friday, April 12, 2013.

    President of the school should not be giving personal opine, unless followed by a Legal Opinion from a judge or attorney.

    If the president really cared about the residents, the will of the residents would have been voted on decades ago. This is not new and has been a virus with all the cities being served by ABCUSD, including the island communities in Long Beach.

    This is another reason why I was not in favor of the La Cuesta Villa proposal, ( Joint Venture) as the property was in Cerritos and would be an ongoing fite between all cities being served by ABCUSD.

    Let’s put an end to private closed sessions, as the public needs to know about real transparency. ABCUSD must archive the video broadcastings on-line; so the community can learn from history and the entire WWW can learn too. ABCUSD and the union are starting to smell more and more like Bell Politics, too many back room sessions and too much attention to Cerritos and Chinese and not the world the district serves in.

    Personally like to see ballot measure to remove Mary Sue (SP?) and Nyugen,(SP ?) as we need some Heartland of American residents at the helm, who know USA and stop the bridging between China and ABC. If students want to learn about China and Whitney ideals, they can pay for private education to seek out these results.

    Residents in the district must talk about term limits, as the Shadow Park GOP Master Queen has been in office, way to long.


    • Hilarity says:

      Who is Nguyen? See link with correct school board members:

      If you are so concerned about bridging the gap between China and the USA – wouldn’t a district election only propel that? Since “China” is the majority here – they will vote for “China” to have the most funds.

      Again – whose ideals in China are we forging?

      • McMahon, J. says:

        Monday, April 15, 2013.

        Sections of ABCUSD are predominately Chinese origin. But if the district was divided, poss. may have more Latino-India voter influence. Just feel sorry, Haw Gardens has no repes, neither does E Lakewood and seldom Artesia.

        Sad day, but West Cerritos pay taxes in 90703, but has no opine, as located in Bellflower USD. Then take the southern most section of ABCUSD, belongs to Long Beach, don’t think ever is ABCUSD has Long Beach residents been represented by vote!

        FYI: Many students in SE section of Cerritos, do not attend ABC as either chooses La Palma Schools/ Oxford Academy or Los Alamitos- Rossmoor districts / Los Alam HS; as both have higher GPA.

        Territorial boundaries and lack of representation are both issues.