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Gerrie Schipske Throws Hat Into 2014 Long Beach Mayor Race

By Brian Hews

With the election one year away, Long Beach City Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske has told reporters on Thursday that she will be a candidate for Mayor.

In a one page statement, Schipske confirmed the long-expected decision.  

“I will focus on creating jobs, improving neighborhood safety and bringing needed reforms to City Hall to increase transparency and accountability,” she said.

“Long Beach deserves a Mayor who’s committed to fixing local problems and moving our great city forward,” said Schipske.

“I am running for Mayor to create quality local jobs, protect our quality of life,and make City Hall more efficient so we can keep our kids safe by putting more police on our streets and expanding after school programs. I am proud of my track record of delivering results for local neighborhoods and I am looking forward to talking to Long Beach residents in living rooms and coffee shops throughout the city about what it will take to meet the challenges we currently face.”


  • Mike Ruehle says:

    Current Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster is mulling a write-in election for Mayor because his dismal track record and history of blunder-decisions prevent him from running for higher office elsewhere. Ms. Schipske’s announcement will cause Foster to now fade off into the world outside Long Beach from whench he came.

    Gerrie Schipske is the best mayoral candidate Long Beach residents have had in years.