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La Palma Intercommunity Hospital Opens Public Indoor Fitness Pool

Public opening Mar. 20 from 4pm-7pm, 7901 Walker St, La Palma, CA 90623

Pool is a result of collaboration between LPIH, the city, and the Anaheim YMCA

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 La Palma Intercommunity Hospital had an unused rehabilitation pool, and the City of La Palma had a need. This was the starting point for a journey of partnership and creativity that would turn this once unused hospital pool into a community asset.

“Here was an asset that was no longer being used, and I knew there must be some way to benefit the community,” said Virg Narbutas, Orange County Regional CEO for Prime Healthcare.

La Palma’s Recreation & Community Services was looking to expand water recreation activities in the city, and it became clear that the hospital could help.

“We had a pool,” Narbutas said. “The city needed to expand their water programs, we just needed a partner to help develop and run them.”

Enter the Anaheim Family YMCA, who had been running swim programs in local shared-use spaces for many years.

“It was the perfect combination of partners,” Narbutas continued. “Between the hospital, the City, and the YMCA, each partner brought specific expertise and resources to the table. Everyone stepped in for the good of the community.”

What Narbutas had not anticipated was the significant cost and time that would be necessary to bring the former rehabilitation pool to county standards for community use. It was an investment well worth the effort, according to Narbutas.

In February 2013, La Palma Intercommunity Hospital began offering its first community programs in the new Indoor Fitness Pool. The two available programs literally span all ages from “Mommy & Me” swim lessons to Water Fitness for active older adults.

What was once a vacant space in the hospital became an exciting community resource to help people become healthier, improve quality of life, and promote water safety.

This story also has a personal connection to Narbutas. “My mom used to love aqua therapy. It helped her with many health challenges, including diabetes. It’s very fulfilling to have played a role in ensuring our hospital pool was put to good use.”

A Community Open House for the new Indoor Fitness Pool at La Palma Intercommunity Hospital is scheduled for March 20, 2013. The hospital is welcoming all of the community to come celebrate from 4:00-7:00 p.m. To learn more, contact Rachel Hogue at (714) 229-4016.

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