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Hews Media Group-Community News Mar 15 E-edition

CN E-edition

  • McMahon, J. says:

    ……… Friday, March 15, 2013.

    RE: Open Letter to G Ray Editorial.

    Congrats, you have many empty seats and decade of broken promises to fill. Hope you challenge the old Republican Status Quo, which has appeased the oldies but not the new millennium generation, as we are not swallowing yesteryears cankerous council abuse.

    Like you mentioned at the Mayor’s Transition, Home run slam for the Cerritos Republican Slate. You had to pay tribute to all of the old Elephant Cronies who made you feel Regal and fit in to the status quo! Hmmm, Felt sorry for the ( 2 ) Democratic Councilpersons, as the ( 3 ) Cerritos Republican Councilpersons, acted like a huge bedmates Heard of Elephants at a dehydrated lakefront! Let analyze data, this election portfolio produced a very small turnout of voters, still costing the city aprox — $160K— for this special election hoopla & TRASHING THE ENVIRONMENT!

    Repulsed how you made the Residents; ( Many have lived here over 40 Yrs) feel like ***RICE MANURE***, as stated that only a M-I-C-R-O- element of residents were upset at the City. Well excuse me George, many residents are upset over:
    • Broken and Cracked sidewalks and gutters.
    • Tree Roots breaking Garage Driveways and Plugging personal sewers.
    • Crumbling Arterial Walls at the toot of $26K for repairs PER HOMEOWNER!
    • Menopause Overnight Parking Ordinance
    • Restrictive RV Parking Witch Hunt.
    • Empty Binder of appointees to commissioners.
    • Empty Council Chairs, as council travelgate was brought to the forefront by Clint Eastwood’s TV Skit.
    • Vacant pedestrian SIDEWALK tree wells.
    • Over 50% of the street trees are blocked by City’s Grand Forest Effect.
    • Scare and bullying of the hi speed train mapping thru the city.

    ►► http://cerritospublicworks.blogspot.com/

    These above issues are not a by-product of the recession, as many were photographed prior to the recession. Recession is only being used as Prosthesis to deflect the issues crumbling the city.

    You are not asian, so hope you spread some global cheer to:
    Europe | Canada | Africa | So. America and all areas of the world.
    We have heard million times, Chinese this and that. CCC have abused the system and are not following true nature of Public Servants, nor representing all 100% of the residents.

    Thank God, we did not have to hear about Crawley’s- Edward’s Military Poster Men, as digestion of Military “Ga- Ga”, is not universally welcomed in a global attended chambers. Instead of the scavenger hunts for military personnel, let’s have Quarterly Townhall Meetings, so the transparency flows from all the attendees and bridge to each councilperson! Not saying that homegrown military must be honored, but stop there and stop the fuss about worlds military, as is only further dividing attendance at the chamber session.

    Council’s Boutonniere’ said it all (( Calla Lily Lapel) AKA: Flowers for Funerals!!!! Lets hope you can pull the city out of the memorial landscape of yesteryears.

    Carol and Bruce ended, well allot will unfold over the next 2 yrs, hmmmmm, new chess player, (Y-O-U )same political wardrobe! (2) Bases are held, (3) bases are off Seeking other political photos shoots! Will you look yonder, for furthering ties w/ LA County Supervisors?