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BREAKING: Huntington Park City Clerk Faces Dismissal With Ballots Still To Be Counted

By Brian Hews and Brian Hews

Los Cerritos Community News has learned that Huntington Park Mayor Andy Molina has called for an emergency meeting tonight at 6 p.m. to apparently remove City Clerk Rosanna Ramirez one week after voters appear to have voted him and Vice-Mayor Elba Guerrero out of office and before the election has been legally certified.

Molina called for the meeting on Monday. Of the two items on the agenda, one calls for a  “Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release” during a closed session. The other item on the agenda is listed as a “study session”  to review the city’s budget.
Ramirez, would not confirm to LCCN  the specific details of tonight’s closed session. She did confirm that Molina called for the meeting and she, as required by law, posted the agenda on line and at Huntington Park City Hall.

But two sources, who did not want to be identified, told LCCN that Molina and Guerrero along with City Council Members Mario Gomez, Rosa Perez and Ofelia Hernandez plan to remove Ramirez from her city clerk duties, “regardless of the fact that the final outcome of the election has not been finalized or legally certified.”
Ramirez did confirm to LCCN that there are approximately 400 additional late absentee and provisional ballots that still need to be processed and confirmed to be legal voters.

“I have no idea what is going on,” said Karina Macias, who appears to have placed first in last week’s balloting. “I am hearing lots of rumors, and I just have not been told what is really going on behind closed doors.” Macias said she is planning to attend tonight’s session but declined to confirm if she will speak before the council heads behind closed doors.

The other apparent election victor was challenger Valentin Amezquita who currently has a lead over Molina of around 160 votes.
Michael Chee, spokesman for the City of Huntington Park told LCCN in a written statement that “there is no specific reference to any employee and all personnel matters are considered private and confidential, as they usually are with any municipality or employer.”

“ I do not personally know what this matter pertains to, any information you’ve been given I can only confirm as being hearsay or rumor,” Chee said.
“With regard to the ballots remaining to be counted, you should actually inquire and get clarification from the City Clerk’s office. The election and ballot count process is Ms. Ramirez’s responsibility and her office would understand the details and laws regarding the release of information about outstanding ballots to be counted and the process involved better than I,” Chee stated.

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  • ric says:

    city council took no action tonite. they backed down…for a few days only. we do have term limits in huntington park thank god. they could try another hidden meeting in a few days.

  • Marry says:

    Sleeps around with married and much younger men, not educated or certified! What is so outstanding about that???

  • It seems that the [City of] Bell tolls for more than one municipality.

    Huntington Park is resonating with its latest sounding-out, and it could be that the Inglewood is soon to be next: http://www.citywatchla.com/4box-right/4682-did-inglewood-city-clerk-break-the-law-by-proposing-charter-resolutions

    What is it with all these grossly corrupt pols and what-not that cannot be happy with an accepted level of corruption?