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EXCLUSIVE: LCCN Obtains Letter, Kreimann to Meet With Noguez Over Assessor Office Duties

By Brian Hews

As word of the release of jailed Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez began trickling out throughout the halls of the County Hall of Administration, Santos Kreimann, the Chief Deputy Assessor was quick to issue an official statement to his employees about the situation.

“I was informed that the District Attorney and Judge have cleared the source of funds and collateral to secure Mr. Noguez bail,” Kreimann wrote.

“As a result, I anticipate that his release from incarceration later today is imminent. I plan to meet with Mr. Noguez once he gets settled in to provide a briefing on the important progress we’ve made in his absence to stabilize the office, enhance our operations and restore the public’s trust,” Kreimann stated.

“Although as an elected official Mr. Noguez has the right the immediately return to his post, I fully expect that he will remain on a voluntary leave of absence to focus on his legal issues and minimize the impact of the train on our day-to-day operations,” Kreimann said.

Noguez is still the Assessor of Los Angeles County and could legally return to work at his office as early as Monday; legal sources tell Los Cerritos Community Newspaper.

The entire memo from Kreimann is below.


  • So do we all get a token tax break now that the D.A. has let another crook out of the brig and go back to the General Fund feeding trough? Or will this be celebrated by another attempt by the Real Estate Developer Party to place a permanent sales tax on the people?