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Voters in Huntington Park Toss Jailed Assessor Noguez Allies Out of Office

By Brian Hews

Huntington Park voters have elected two political newcomers on Tuesday in a city that has been plagued with charges of corruption for years by city hall observers.

On Tuesday candidates Karina Macias and Valentin Amezquita easily defeated incumbent city council members Elba Guerrero and Andy Molina.

Macias and Amezquita campaigned hard in the politically charged campaign.  “We are here to clean up Huntington Park City Hall once and for all,” Macias told LCCN in a previous interview about her campaign in February.

Guerrero and Molina are close political allies to jailed Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez who is a former city councilman and mayor in Huntington Park.

When all the votes were counted Macias captured 1052, while Amezquita garnered 972 votes.  Molina fell short with 814 votes and Guerrero finished last with 792 votes.

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  • getmeout says:

    The voters of the City of Huntington Park sent a clear message. The City of Huntington Park is not in the clear yet. There are presently three other councilmembers that are part of the corruption in Huntington Park. The voters are letting them know also that if they do not clean up their acts, they will be voted out of office.

    To the voters of Huntington Park, I personally want to thank you for your trust in me.