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Chen, Ray win Cerritos City Council seats

Councilman-Elect George Ray.

Councilman-Elect George Ray.

Voters in Cerritos on Tuesday reelected incumbent councilwoman Carol Chen and businessman George Ray to the city council in one of the most heated campaign’s in recent local memory.

Challenger Frank Aurelio Yokoyama, a member of the Planning Commission can in third place.

Here are the unofficial results.

 Carol Chen 3438

George Ray 3316

Frank Aurelio Yokoyama 2623

James Kang 1096

K.Y. Ma 953

Alejandro Estella 613
Gerad Valencia 203

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  • McMahon, J. says:

    Wednesday, March 06, 2013.

    RE: Carol and George.

    Race was won by Republican Slate. Doesn’t appear the unions influenced the race results. Voters did not head to the polls as strong compared to other years, as there were no strong candidates vying. Carol and George did not receive as many supporting votes compared to other yrs. Prior elections, Democrats received higher turnouts in the ballots and more support during the election tallying eve in Chambers.

    LCCN needs to chart our city’s election results over the past 50 + years, as graphs speak truth.

    More surprising, female voters failed to strongly support Carol, compared to other elections when females vying for CCC.

    George has to prove himself as real business pro and bring constructive business back to 90703. His age of 72 YO, obesity may bring a tsunami of medical issues to his term during the next (4) yrs. Just waiting for some of his old ghost enemies to reappear from his days on the FAC, which could really tarnish the ACLU –Vs- Cerritos. George has slippery slope. Hope his appointees are open binder and not chosen from his campaign mailer menopause cronyism. George needs to examine the make-of; from commissions sex appointees & breach the panels of all males and all females.

    My suggestions for Carol, ship up or ship back to China. Voters spoke loud; we are tired of having China pushed down our throats. Let’s hear about Europe, Canada, So America and Africa. Change your binders, 4 yrs appointees are too long and need more racial and sex diversity for your appointees.

    Gerad made some strong points for realty checks for our politicians, hope both George and Carol can digest some of Gerads ideals in to making CCPA and Malls more productive and less sea of red ink. Celebrity endorsements, does bring back a move to increase the brand name. I know this very very well!!!!

    My 40 Yrs in Cerritos, Cho has done the best, by having his meet and greet picnics in the neighborhood parks. Like to see this return.

    Although Frank pushed for shopping and dining in 90703, lets face facts, diversity has flushed out most Orig. stores in 90703, leaving only Sears standing after 40 Yrs. Cerritos wants to be regional hub for shopping and dining, well increase in sale tax and the amount of Asian specialty shops is driving surrounding regions to shop and dine elsewhere.

    I would like to see 90703 be inclusive of :
    • Bloomingdales.
    • Ikea.
    • Fry’s
    • Lawry’s
    • Cheesecake Factory
    • Home Depot Superstore
    • Mercedes, BMW and Cad brokerages.
    • ****McMahon RV Superstores and get our abandoned residential lots back to homes of RV’s size lots.
    • Soft gambling-dancing to CCPA
    • Amend Sheraton to become more spa like
    • Cleanup the blited owned 90703 pads: Museum, warehouses and hotel sites.


  • McMahon, J. says:

    Wednesday, March 06, 2013.

    Carol, George, Mark, Bruce & Joe.

    Since 3 of you are hot off the campaign trail 2013; please address the concerns you have heard from 90703 residents. First CCC March meeting must include:

    Select community members which have resume of experience and stop selecting friends, money donors who are brain dead on the subject. Staffs time is valuable and should not have to be your free educators to the appointees being resurrected from pool of dunces.


    Demand a city wide audit of all the breached PW here & yonder, so all breaches can be addressed in one of many Spring 2013 Public Study sessions and incorporated in to the July 01, 2013 Budget; which needs to be formatted in both: PDF and Regular Type so readable by blind whom use Braille and searchable on line by the public. 15,000 Cerritos Homes invested in to Cerritos Real Estate, which is inclusive of all the public owned properties….we did not buy in Cerritos for recreational programs, carnival shows and military salutes. Public works is the CRUTCH to keep our investments financially secure & sound.

    3. Study Sessions for CCPA:
    Need public and advertised hearings for the faith of the above Pink Elephant, as this has been a bleeding city owned wound for the past 2 decades. Public needs to be informed on the $2-$3M new proposed roof and be told that no 2012-2013 performances have been sold out. Accounting of the CCPA needs transparency.


  • retsofsirhc says:

    Yes McMahon, the voters spoke loud … by re-electing Carol Chen and rejecting Brian Hews’ agenda.

    • McMahon, J. says:

      Disagree w/ your calculation.

      Decades ago, with smaller population for 90703, winning candidate would take 20%-40% of the votes.

      Today’s 90703 population around 42,000; each winning candidate took <10% of votes. Even election in 2011, winners took substantially more votes then either Carol or George.

      Lack of diversity is not being worn in Cerritos.

      Sacramento reduced its subsidization ABC ; as Cerritos has failed to produce equal parts to diversity.

      Last decade, Cerritos has lost aprox 6,000-8,000 residents, even though additional housing elements were constructed.

      Yeeeess, Carol and George were the winners, but the numbers were substantially down.

      …… Wednesday, March 06, 2013.

    • OMG says:

      Mr retsofsirhc:
      Spoke loud? 3,400 votes? I seem to rememeber Pulido getting over 5,000, and George Ray almost beat her who the newspaper endorsed. Its her demographic that voted for her of which you are a part of.
      So enjoy reading how she eats $100 meals on your dime retso.

    • Jim Q. Public says:

      RE retsofsirhc

      Loud and Clear? More like a whimper.

      Chen owes her victory to VBM ballots.

      VBM ballots are most always suspect. Too often one family member controls all the ballots. One individual in a household filling out a VBM ballot for a spouse, elderly parents, children away at school, etc.

      VBM cast by property owners not living in the city, state or country. Double voting, both VBM and in person.

      Be very cautious before declaring a loud and clear victory.

  • Now that the election is over, what are the winners going to do to make information on the financial performance of the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts available to the citizens of this city?

    It’s our city. Don’t we have a right to know, clearly and concisely, about what is happening financially at the CCPA and what has been happening there for 20 years?

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Wednesday, March 06, 2013.

    Like to have the public receipt for flowers which were presented to Carol after election, viewed on Chan 3?? Our grass meridian strips can not be fertilized, but city has $$$ for flowers and CCC Inauguration transition showdown next week. How much gasoline money will be used for this Mayor Transition, when we can not get our trees trimmed and SHOEMAKER GORE WATERFALL landscape is on life supports.

    Mail- In Ballots:

    If Carol received more mail in ballots, compared to live ballot polling; poss. of obtaining many proxy voters registered to one Cerritos physical address, but only using the property address as place for voter registration. Actually, the vote was cast outside the city limits. Like to view all of the mail in votes –vs- live voting of all candidates.

    If you do the math, some elections there are more votes casted, and then there are residents living in the city.

    Illegal for candidate to accept a mail-in ballot in person and or hand drop the ballot at the polling precinct poles or to do a mail drop. This style has been going on for decades.

    Many mail-in ballots are never counted, as lost in delivery, via the USPS or failure of processing after hrs. Aprox 10% of mail-in can never be counted, as spoiled or custodial delivery is impaired.

    LCCN has done an awesome due diligence job on election coverage in this town. Remember, poss of corruption is buried deep in PDF files, as information is not traceable or obtainable in PDF files….PDF are not transparent! City uses PDF just to make staffs output shine like a Diamond studded tiara, on a decapitated corpse.

    Lot of corruption in all ends of this voting democracy.

  • Jim Smith says:

    Mr. McMahon….so much anger if you are so upset about the way the city is run, why don’t you run for office yourself? After all with all the opinions you express in this paper it could almost be a platform for you to run on….oh wait it is much easier to sit back and criticize…then to work to try to improve our city..the voters have spoken..for those who complain about a low voter turn out that is the choice of the residents so
    maybe they don’t see a need for change all cities have a low turnout for elections unless they are in November with the Presidential elections…

    • McMahon, J. says:

      Friday, March 08, 2013.


      Too old to hold office. As of today, there are no winners, as the Provisional ballots are being weighted in per city clerk. In past, under dogs could be the top winner. Call winners when the election is certified & or investigated by DA Office for fraud AV ballots.

      Volunteered for countless of issues in our rich history. Not a brag, compared to you!

      We are not voting for candidates, but slates; as council are not free to vote and have to abstain from voting on many issues and resolutions. Our elected are more in powered over their portfolio employment slates, then the betterment of 90703.

      • Pulido-Lowenthol Slate;
      • Carol-Chinese Slate;
      • George Ray- County Board of Supervisor Slate;
      • Cho- Korean charters schools Slate;
      • Barrows-Train Slate;
      • Edwards- Military & ABC Slate;
      • Wong- Chinese RE Slate.


      Assembled this blog, what visuals can you share, to make our city better?

      • Kurt Swanson says:

        At least you are consistent. Maybe 30 years you’ve been complaining? Look around and see what Cerritos has accomplished compared to other cities that have no distinguishable attributes like waterfront property, mountains, vistas, etc etc. compare it to surrounding cities. Why did you pick it as a place to reside? George and Carol will both do a great job.

    • Jim Q. Public says:

      When a US citizen criticizes his/her government they are exercising their constitutional right.

      When a citizen criticizes questionable government practices and policies in public they are taking a stand to preserve freedom for all.

      When a FREE citizen sits quite and accepts the statues quo they do nothing more but hinder Freedom and carry the torch of an unjust government toward Natizsm, Fascism, Socialism and Communism.

      We need more Jim McMahons and fewer Jim Edwards and Jim Smiths.