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February 22 Los Cerritos Community News E-Edition

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CN E-edition

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Letter To Editor: RE: REAL – EXPOSURES!!!

    #1—RE: Cerritos Business Workshop on Feb 27, 2013.

    • Why closed door meeting to public, when funded by public money?
    • Why closed door to business people who only produce sale tax?
    • Why free food, when funded by public money?
    • Why only 40 accepted the invitation, when 400 invitations were mailed, at the expense of public funds?
    • Is this a photo opp for commissioners, candidates and CCC?
    • Why do the residents have to wait for re-runs on TV Line | Cerritos.us | not watch live on Channel 3, since it is a public meeting?
    • Why didn’t this educational forum, come before CCC as an agenda item, compared to the Fine Arts Commission resolutions?
    • Why start-up time 8am, when staff will have to work over time and the event will add further congestion around Cerritos High School staging & parking chaos at the city hall compounds?
    • ► http://cerritos.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=08&clip_id=2892

    #2—RE: Cerritos Parking Permits | L.S. Brown

    System was voted by 1960’s | WW2 Baby Breeders | and not voted by (X-Y-Z) Generation and completely outdated by Millennium Generation. This needs to go to public votes, by all home owners and not just registered voters.

    • |Economy |
    • | Size of the Home |
    • | More Residents |
    • |New Technology |
    • |Extended Families|
    • |Vacant RV Pads|

    …………..Residential landscapes have all changed in the past 45 Years of this out-of-date, granny parking law. Past 45 years, councils have been afraid to be the WHISTLE blower of the costly $300K (+) ordinance. This $300K could trim allot of citywide trees, year and year.

    Data: More cars receive parking permits in the Winter Months, and no spike in car burglaries. So when the CCC states the HOA type of laws, prohibit crime, they can not read, nor want to accept the data, NO –INCREASE– IN –CRIMES !!!
    Gas nearly $5 Per gallon, need for clean air, this is a ridiculous ordinance, to have a sheriff drive the streets for 2 hrs, writing citations for parking.

    | On-Line Process | http://www.safercerritos.com/street_parking.php

    1. Fill out this app and forward USPO, which takes weeks weeks weeks……

    2. Weeks latter, after been pre-approved go on line.
    3. Turn off PC Virus and enter your PC Tower ID # ( No one knows their PC #)
    4. Will not work from smart phone, as most receivers are more sophisticated data, compared to the menopause Cerritos Web Portal | Cerritos.us |
    5. Then fill out more BS red tape, to get on line registration #.
    6. More layers of government, in acted by a RUN-A-WAY CITY GOVERNMENT, spending money like city of Bell. This online version is only for the Fios IT Hi speed Receivers and not user friendly for the –47%– of the city’s population which is Senior Citizens. Horrid task for the seniors, handicap, impaired, to have to call the station to obtain a permit and then attach to the car……very unsafe….Our real estate property values are in the toilet, compared to Los Alamitos and Rossmoor, which do not have parking ordinances …………