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Women’s Club Candidate Forum in Cerritos set for Tuesday night

Cerritos City Council candidate Frank Aurelio Yokoyama during a recent candidate gathering in Cerritos.

Cerritos City Council candidate Frank Aurelio Yokoyama during a recent candidate gathering in Cerritos.


Cerritos City Council candidate George Ray during a recent forum.

Cerritos City Council candidate George Ray during a recent forum.

By Brian Hews

Voters in Cerritos will have their last chance to see the candidates running for city council in their final debate beginning at 7 p.m. at Cerritos City Hall.

The event is being sponsored by the Artesia-Cerritos Women’s Club.

Cerritos City Hall is located at the corner of 183rd Street and Bloomfield Avenue.

It is expected that all seven candidates running in the upcoming March 5th election will be in attendance.

Those running for the Cerritos City Council are  Frank Aurelio Yokoyama, K.Y. Ma, James Kang, George Ray, Gerad Valencia, Alejandro Estella and Carol Chen.

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  • Gail Grossman says:

    Thanks for the posting. We hope people will come out and listen to the candidates so they will have a better idea of what they stand for.

    • McMahon, J. says:

      Watched the rerun of a former Candidate’s Forum on Monday PM. Asked myself over and over, can’t our candidates come up with more fresh political platforms; instead of these BORING PHRASES, which have been used —MILLION MILLION— times by former city elections:

      • Improve Public Safety.
      • Country has so good to me, it is payback time.
      • Better policing.
      • For our Children.
      • The babies.
      • ABC relationships.
      • Whitney High School.
      • Hoping for Diversity.
      • Realtors- real estate.
      • Sponsored Recreation Programs by city.
      • China.
      • Pilipino .
      • Korean.
      • Crimes.
      • International Trades.
      • Forevermore Store.
      • Nordstrom .
      • Sacramento.
      • Washington DC.
      • I did this/that, I, I and more I’s.
      • Spouses names, who cares and remembers names.
      • Name dropping employment and attending university brand names, who cares?
      • Long infinity list of thank you, who cares?

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Public Candidates Forum | Tues . 2/19/13 | City Hall, by Woman’s Club……………..

    These questions are home grown from the Residents BELLY’S, hit hard, to really see which candidates have done their homework, ((AWARE OF THE PHYSICAL HAZARDS)) in regards to CERRITOS HOUSEKEEPING.

    Cerritos Economic Commission Hearing: ( End of the Year Budget Graph Items)

    ►► http://cerritos.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=08&clip_id=2892 ◄◄

    Please review the photos in the following blog, as photos speak a million words and demonstrate 40 + Years of broken promises by our Cerritos elected- appointed.

    ►► http://cerritospublicworks.blogspot.com/ ◄◄

    • Over Night Parking Ordinance – 40 Yrs Broken Promises to Public Vote.
    • Del Amo Bridge- 40 Yrs Broken Promises.
    • CCPA- 20 Yrs broken Promises. Poss of sub contracting Mgmt and open to soft menu for gambling incomes. ( 10 + yrs.
    • CCC Perks to grave, as CCC think they are seasoned staff.
    • Museum- Vacant > 10+ Yrs. ( No Income)
    • Warehouses- Vacant >5+ Yrs. ( No Income).
    • Street Trees are trespassing in to private sewer lines and properties, at homeowners expense.
    • Freeways Buffer Landscape is dead.
    • Curbs-Gutters not draining.
    • Seniors Commission failure.
    • Streets are uneven like washboards from eruption of stray tree roots.
    • Sidewalks are uneven & non- walkable from tree roots.
    • Shoemaker Gore Waterfalls are disaster & not welcome brand for city.
    • Non tolerance for RV’s and infinity of this/that building restrictions. City is not HOA/ nor CCR’s covenants.
    • Street lights Breached from misplaced and non-groomed trees.
    • Poor bus and rapid transit connections. No kiosks, no Bus Depot!!!
    • Examine and question their endorsements: Business slanted or racially motivated….remember it is pay back time, heavy donor money means appointees: | Real Estate | ABC Schools Boards & College Boards | Trains |Hold Other Public Offices | Climb Political Ladder of advancing | Unions | Racial Culture |Home Owners Associations | Military Affiliations | Political Grps: Repub Democrats|………………..

    ***** 2013, Forum Questions should be from | Audience | Cell Phones| Texting| Emails| as Seniors in city are impaired for Night time meetings *****

  • I’m sending this to all the candidates (except the one who hasn’t publicized his email address). Here’s the question that will decide my vote:

    Would you be in favor or against the city publishing a brief summary of the income, expenses (direct and indirect overhead incurred by the city) and operating losses over the 20 years of operation of the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts?

    One candidate responded and said he wouldn’t be against it. So far he hasn’t responded to my follow up asking again if he would be for it.

    The other candidates haven’t responded to it yet.

    It’s our city. Why would any council candidate or member not want to make this information easily available to the citizens, such as posting it on the city’s web site?

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013.

    Woman’s Club Forum was tainted from Get-go……as last minute accepted email questions, without announcing public in news publications. More corruption and no transparency with this agency.

    Realized why the candidates are so disconnected……..too many generation disputes:
    • Silent Generation
    • Baby Boomer Generation
    • X, Y, Z, Generations.
    • Then the slanted generations digested from global background…
    • No wonder why some staff are techno wizards, while others are not!

    What a horrid choice to vote for!!!!

    1. Three (3) forums, only 1 great question. What to do w/ Cerritos water supply, if the cybers are corrupted?

    2. Never boo about the budget for $2-$3M | CCPA Roof!

    What era are we living in, some candidates are not on?
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    • Candidates yard signs have no Web Site Branding
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