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Endorsement: Elect George Ray for Cerritos City Council

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper urges the election of George Ray to the Cerritos City Council on Tuesday, March 5.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper urges the election of George Ray to the Cerritos City Council on Tuesday, March 5.


Los Cerritos Community Newspaper endorses longtime community leader and business owner George Ray in the March 5th Cerritos City Council election.

George Ray will bring intelligence and a sharp business sense to a City Council that is in dire need of a new fresh start.

Ray likes to tell voters that he moved to Cerritos when there were “thousands of cows and chickens.” That’s a plus in our book because Ray knows where Cerritos came from and how it was molded.
Ray has been involved in Cerritos since 1969. When he and his family moved into what use to be a cow pasture, Ray quickly became a leader by pitching in and doing the heavy lifting by serving as a key member of the Planning Commission and helped start local civic organizations.
Ray knows what Cerritos is all about. He “gets it.”
We also like the fact that Ray has built a successful private business here in the community and understands what it means to meet a payroll week in and week out.
When elected, we hope that Ray will work hard to cut waste and to trim the fat off that preverbal “cow” that has become both a curse and an asset here in Cerritos.
We do have some concerns that Ray has many personal relationships with people who think the “status quo” is the rule at Cerritos City Hall. Los Cerritos Community Newspaper will keep an eye on Ray, but first voters need to do the right thing and vote for him on March 5.

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  • Jay Gray says:

    He can’t be any worse than Carol Chen. Besides, booting out Chen should show the entire Council and city management that residents are sick and tired of the B.S.

    Reelection is a privileged not a right!

  • Bill Raabe says:

    Interesting how you have tried through your reporting to besmirch other candidates while using your editorial voice to endorse this one. I told you when you launched your muckraking campaign that you can’t play both roles credibly. Intending ho disrespect to Mr. Ray, whom I do not know and have not heard of, you clearly do not cover this election objectively.

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Last CCC | Candidates Forum 2/19/13


    • Del Amo Bridge- 40 Yrs Broken Promises.
    • CCPA- 20 Yrs broken Promises.
    • Magnolia Power Plant- Red Ink.
    • Museum- Vacant > 10+ Yrs. ( No Income)
    • Warehouses- Vacant >5+ Yrs. ( No Income).
    • Street Trees are trespassing in to private sewer lines and properties.
    • Freeways Buffer Landscape is dead.
    • Curbs-Gutters not draining.
    • Streets are uneven like washboard.
    • Sidewalks are uneven & non- walkable.
    • Shoemaker Gore Waterfalls are disaster.
    • Street lights Breached.
    • OverNight Parking Ordinance – 40 Yrs Broken Promises for Public Voting.

  • Bill Raabe says:

    Another anonymous insult aimed at me. You”d think I was a candidate. I am sure that I could name some people whom the self-called Ëducator in ABCUSD has not heard of. As for Mr. Kang, I know him, I taught his children, and I have no involvement in his campaign. Ok, bring on the next coward hiding behind an anonymous screen name!!!

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Public Candidates Forum | Tues 2/19/13 | City Hall, by Woman’s Club!!!!!

    Please review the photos in the following blog, as photos speak a million words and demonstrate 40 + Years of ((B R O K E N -P R O M I S E S)) by our Cerritos elected- appointed…..

    ***** http://cerritospublicworks.blogspot.com/ ****

    Cerritos Residents own equally all parts of city and city government. City is for the people and not for elected special hidden interest groups; which quietly motivated most of the past CCC. Majority of the past elected councilperson have hidden agendas, which dictated interest for boosting special interest and not for the BETTERMENT of all 100% of the city. Following interests have tainted many votes, which in long run, has crippled our city……..
    • Real Estate.
    • ABC Schools Boards & College Boards.
    • Trains.
    • Hold Other Public Offices.
    • Climb Political Ladder of advancing.
    • Unions.
    • Racial Culture.
    • Home Owners Associations.
    • Military Affiliations.
    • Candidates Political Affiliation.

    ……..Thoroughly examine their endorsements; follow the money trail to less then (( -<100%- BETTERMENT )) of all the residents.

  • I emailed all but one of the candidates with the following question:
    “Would you be in favor or against the city publishing a brief summary of the income, expenses (direct and indirect overhead incurred by the city) and operating losses over the 20 years of operation of the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts?”

    Gerad Valencia is completely in favor of making this information public.

    K.Y. Ma said that the information should be made available and claimed that it actually was. That’s not really true because it’s scattered through a budget document of almost 400 pages and is incomplete. However he did give permission for me to post the email exchange online.

    George Ray said he wouldn’t be against publicizing the financials but wouldn’t commit to making them public. I’ve had some emails back and forth with him about his reasons for supporting the CCPA and asked if I could post the emails online. For some reason he doesn’t want what he told me to be made public.

    I haven’t heard back at all from Carol Chen and Frank Yokoyama. Estella didn’t provide an email address so I didn’t try to contact him.

    It’s our city—why is only one of the candidates willing to clearly inform us of what the CCPA has been and is costing us?

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Wednesday, February 27, 2013.

    Most of these candidates are running on Cronyism or race card and have no real thinking on the nuts and bolts which make this city run.

    Most do not have a :
    • Web Site
    • Email Address
    • Published mailing address
    • Phone Number
    • Linkedin.com
    • Facebook
    • Candidates Yard signs with no communication address.

    Here are some links found in the city portal:




    George Ray feels to comfortable with the status quo, so will remain in hiding. He has been part of the city’s system too long and will be a good soldier and march with Shadow Park GOP. He will not rock the boat and will remain a republican rite spoke to the Mayor’s Food Chain of elite. Rays; conservatism is what has kept Cerritos elected from holding other offices, as the democratic county and state, want to progress and not be stuck in the WW2 Baby Breeding Mode, found in Shadow Park GOP’s.

    Highest LA County seat held by republican has been the LA Co Board of Supervisors, which will fall to democrat next term. Republicans from our region have not made it to Sacramento nor DC, because of the extreme rite conservatism viewpoints in life. Chen and Ray are most seasoned GOP to date in our 90703 portfolios.

  • George Ray is a Diaper Wearing Horses &@@ says:

    Well now that old Foagie George Ray shows his mildewed old spots! Endorsing that fool was like picking Stalin over Mussolini! That tired incontinent old hack will sit up there and do absolutely nothing as cerritos continues to ROT.