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January 25 Los Cerritos Community News E-edition

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CN E-edition
  • McMahon, J. says:

    WASHINGTON DC: RE: Mayor’s Conference.
    LCCN: 1/25/12

    Deja-vu, mid 1970’s, Cerritos Mayor and councilperson had an auto accident in Palm Springs, while attending oh so so important city function, resulting in life long bodily injuries……..hmmmmm, we the peoples of 9073, are still paying for that serious accident and all of the hoopla created by elect’s poor judgment in public.

    Jan. 24, 2012; CCC hearing, some of the council expressed & protected their judgment in attending above and bringing back wealth of information to prosper 90703. Informative study sessions held at the conference is best digested on regional level and not city by city. Many residents were greatly offended by council approach to one CERRITOS SHOWCASED BUSINESS, trying to align/tease said business with connections from Federal Level & then voting a consensus to boot!.

    Elected council is about governing 42,000 Cerritos Residents and not about cherry picking one business in order to justify and promote their national travels. What about the other Cerritos based businesses in the (3) three 90703 Malls, as no Federal contacts for them too.

    Advertising expense account, especially travel, is very slippery slope & leads to BK! . No direct benefit, to the city, when the Mayor is termed out in 5 weeks, and the other 2 councilpersons are termed out in 25 mths; plus the staff time and expense to orchestrate.

    With computerization, said attended meetings are taped & would benefit the entire council and staffers, if view the recordings as a body and stop all of the travel and related da-da-da expenses. Tough economic times, think smart and not expensive!!!! Hello, corp. travel has been cut by 50%, as corp. using media computers and electronic conferencing.

    My concerns have always stayed the same; government should be for all of the peoples and not about Corporations, which was a prime example of the poor choice in character of some councilpersons during this meeting……..
    RE: Open Letter to Mr. Young Park –vs- Mr. Kang
    LCCN: 1/25/13

    America has saying, which applies to all. “If you are walking your dog and the leash is too long, some other (Stud or Bitch), is going to take advantage of the slack in the leash, and have an affair with your dog on leash”. Applies: Marriages, unions, dating, business relationships, partnerships, gay or straight.

    Office Affairs/ romances happen in all walks of life and are not privy to one profession. When work force careers involve sharing time with others, outside romances ignite, as can guarantee this happenedd in Adam Met Eve’s hood too.

    Maybe ageism played a role in your story, but also, realtors are part sales people and part psychiatrist, as with any sales job, good salesmen are mind readers.

    Lesion learned, divorce is an option, but the best RX to digest in to situations as printed, is tolerance. Marriage not always about the spouses, but the fallout on to the family and children. Prime example: Pres Clinton and Mrs. Clinton, both picked up the pieces asked national forgiveness and are still equally important today, as decades ago, as tolerance was primary.

    Like former columnist Dear Abbey would say….”Unpucker your Buns and make mends”….

    //jm 1/25/13

  • McMahon, J. says:

    RE: Open letter to Councilperson Carol Chen
    Subject: Dial-a-Ride Data.

    Jan 24, 2012; CCC hearing; requesting communication & thoughts of improving our public transportation. Think outside the box, ((Dial-A-Ride)) is only part of the leaking bucket. Choose the moment, to be more pessimistic of the city transportation, which is being subsidized by: Resident’s GENERAL FUNDS and state’s transportation. City can do better to orchestrate improvements to a broken system. Grand need for public transportation, but the present system needs tweaking.

    COW BUSES: Empty and ghost riders.
    COW STOPS: Dangerous and intrude on to residential privacy.
    SENIOR BUS TOURS: 100% sold out and paid in full.
    NEW YEARS PARADE: Sold out bus lines.
    LOS CERRITOS MALL: Macerick Landlord forbids bus staging on their mall, even though city has deeply subsidized projects in this mall. Staging off of 183rd is horrid.
    OCTA: has aborted all transportation from 90703 to beaches.
    OCTA: has aborted all transportation from 90703 to OC amusement parks: Knott’s-Disney.
    Dial-A-Ride Tiers: No transportation to following Regional Medical Centers:
    UCLA, UCI’s, Kaiser, Hoag, St Joes-Judes, Cedar Sinai, many Memorials.
    CITY BUS DEPOT: Nothing,
    COVERED BUS STOPS: Nothing WEATHERIZED FOR ALL SEASONS, many are non-illuminated.
    LAX-JWA: Nothing.
    VONS HOME SHOPPING: No Promotions.
    HIDDEN BUSINESS: No taxi, no limo- nor chauffeur supported service business.
    BUS LINES: Nothing to key work force employment hubs.
    RIDE SHARE: Vehicles not permitted to park in city streets, cause of over night parking ordinance.
    RIDE SHARE PARKING: Cars staged at parks, are continuously being robbed and yet 90703 has the highest cost per sheriff, of the 9 surrounding cities.
    BUS TO TRAINS DEPOT: nothing.
    SENIORS: city aprox 47% seniors, so need public assisted transportation.
    CAR POOLING- nothing.
    ABC BUS STOPS: Old and dangerous, as horticulture trumps staging zones.
    STREET TREES- Overgrown and blocking the street light, so bus stops are in the dark and dangerous.

    //jm (1/25/13)

  • Ben Liang says:

    And our city has the funds to purchase a $250,000 sculpture last year. Cerritos high school baseball field cannot get funding to put up a score board. Park East and Gonsvelz Park baseball fields have cement like surfaces, and the City threatened to raise fees to use park facilities.
    Lifted curbs don’t get fixed, dying trees don’t get replaced,but we have a sculpture garden tucked in a corner that serves no purpose whatsoever.
    Sherif deputies routinly set traps on city streets giving out tickets for rediculous violations, street sweeper can’t clean like before but overnight parking tickets fly out to residents with valid permits.
    And they fly out to DC to party.