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Controversial Ad in Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Targets Cerritos City Council Candidate about “Marital Affair”

By Brian Hews

A graphic two page advertisement in Los Cerritos Community Newspaper on Friday (January 25, 2013) has created a huge reaction throughout Southern California and beyond.

On Friday, Cerritos resident Young Park paid for two full page ads that discussed in graphic details his version of a past relationship between his ex-wife and current ABC School Board Member James Kang.

Kang is a current candidate for Cerritos City Council in the upcoming March 5 election.   Publisher Brian Hews made the decision on Friday afternoon to release the contents of the ad to other members of the media and on line.

“Los Cerritos Community Newspaper and Hews Media Group are not responsible for the contents of this advertisement.  It was a paid ad from Mr. Young Park from Cerritos who visited our offices on different occasions prior to it being published,” Hews said in a statement.

Below is a copy of the ad:




  • McMahon, J. says:

    RE: Open Letter to Mr. Young Park –vs- Mr. Kang
    LCCN: 1/25/13

    America has saying, which applies to all. “If you are walking your dog and the leash is too long, some other (Stud or Bitch), is going to take advantage of the slack in the leash, and have an affair with your dog on leash”. Applies: Marriages, unions, dating, business relationships, partnerships, gay or straight.

    Office Affairs/ romances happen in all walks of life and are not privy to one profession. When work force careers involve sharing time with others, outside romances ignite, as can guarantee this happened in Adam Met Eve’s hood too.

    Maybe ageism played a role in your story, but also, Realtor’s are part sales people and part psychiatrists; as with any sales job, good salesmen are mind readers.

    Lesion learned, divorce is an option, but the best RX to digest in to situations as printed, is tolerance. Marriage not always about the spouses, but the fallout on to the family and children. Prime example: Pres. Clinton and Mrs. Clinton, both picked up the pieces asked national forgiveness and are still equally important today, as decades ago, as tolerance was primary.

    Like former columnist Dear Abbey would say….”Unpucker your Buns and make mends”….

    //jm 1/25/13

  • B Liang says:

    I invited Mr. Kang into my house when he knocked on my door asking for support one evening, and I expressed all of my concerns to him where he tried very hard to show his commitment t fix some of the issues I am concerned with. Upon being pressed on his position about the Cerritos/School District housing project scam and the city’s funding of $250,000 sculpture piece last year, his answers became less assertive to a point of being elusive.
    This published statement from Mr. Park definitely stamped a question mark on Mr. Kang’s credibility and moral standards.

    Come to think of it, why do the majority of the city council members have real estate business background or association? Something worth pondering over.

  • McMahon, J. says:

    REPLY: B Liang/ LCCN—-

    _____SCULPTURE GARDEN_______:

    {“Big Thorn”} in to our General Funds. Former CCC thinking, that they could “spend-spend and more spending”; will make Cerritos something, which it is not! City is trying to be something it is not}:
    • CCPA failure;
    • Aborted Proposed GHOST Museum!
    • Incomplete Cycle Lanes;
    • Obsolete Overnight Parking & RV Ordinance-
    • Non passable breached Public Works.
    • Abandoned/neglected 91-Shoemaker Mud Hole OASIS-GORE…………

    Sculpture garden is a disaster, below Landscape Maintenance Industry Standards,
    Geographically undesirable local, Expired installation warranties, as host of (this/that) which is broken and no long term maintenance budgeting. Mentality of CCC, buy something and let the on going maintenance budget, be issues for future CCC. Tell me, who wants to tour this messy garden}:

    1. Adjacent Sheriff Jail & all of the chaos.
    2. Campout for homeless vagrants;
    3. No Handicap Parking;
    4. Broken Lights;
    5. Overgrown weeds/trees;
    6. Uprooted Walkways;
    7. Snail-wild cat Zoo;
    8. Trenches dug by playground trespassers.

    {“ROSE”}: Undergoing installing temporary art pieces on loan, which will bring increase traffic to the garden, without having to purchase the pieces. Unfortunately this process is as slow as molasses. Ongoing new pieces digested in to the Horticulture Garden, should drive interest to the community, increase traffic and really make this garden tour BING! Praying, when this project is successfully completed, ea. Qtr will see a new art piece, will drive residents to want to see this.

    FORGOT: Ea. Qtr, someone needs to plan a bus expedition, touring all of the fine sculptures throughout the city. There are so many fine PUBLIC SCULPTURES, this would be an extensive & educational tour for all residents…………..

    ………..Hmmmm, In my 40 Yrs as Cerritos resident, most of the CCC/ ABC Trustees: elected and appointees are from (2) pools of residents, almost no handicappers nor youth, real closed BINDER mentality}:
    • Educational Educators.
    • Realtors.

    //jm (1/28/13)

  • getmeout says:

    Mr. Park, I feel for you and your family.

  • Korean American mother of 2 says:

    Wow.. sounds like another sociopathic politician and this one is Korean. I guess they come in all colors and backgrounds.

    Hope Cerritos will have the brains to elect someone that is honest and for the community.

  • SabH says:

    I feel for you too Mr. Park. I hope you get the help and support you need to get past this pain. As for Mr. James Kang, I refuse to vote for another version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Terrence says:

    If these ads continue to get published, it will pollute the newspaper and distract everyone from what’s really important. Let’s not get involved in the private issues of these people, but rather face the fact that Mr. Kang should be recalled. He should not be a representative of Cerritos nor the ABC school board. I hope that the people of Cerritos make the right choice.

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