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Veteran Political Advisor William “Bill” Orozco Dies in East Los Angeles at age 63

By Brian Hews

William “Bill” Orozco, one of the most well know political figures in Los Angeles died on Thursday at his home in East Los Angeles, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper has learned.
Orozco, who just turned 63, apparently died in his sleep, according to family member Patricia Orozco.
An exact cause of death will be determined by the Los Angeles County Coroners Department.
Orozco was involved in hundreds of political campaigns and causes for more than 30 years and was considered to be a close advisor to scores of elected officials.
“We are in a state of shock that Bill has passed away,” said longtime family friend Nancy Nuno told LCCN.
Orozco has six grown children.
Funeral arrangements will be handled by Felipe Bagues in Boyle Heights. Los Cerritos Community Newspaper will have additional updates.

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  • Bill and I were childhood school friends.
    For me this is a “Stand By Me” moment.

    I loved his GTO his crazy driving and just him.
    He was the first to give me Vodka.
    In 1967 after high school graduation I said good bye to Billie and left to New York for school than on to work in Europe.

    Today in January of 2013, I have been located and told he has left us all.
    In my heart I will always have a place for Billie.
    I have missed him since 1967.
    Now I will have to wait until God’s Kingdom is on Earth,
    To see him and hear him laugh and give him the hug I never did.
    Matthew 24:14
    Stephen davila Gomez/Robert Lewis Stevenson Jr. High School/ James A Garfield Sr. High School
    [email protected]