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BREAKING: Chuck Fuentes Fired by Central Basin Water District Board During Special Session

By Brian Hews

The Central Basin Water District Board of Directors has fired Charles P. Fuentes as Interim Chief Executive Officer on Thursday afternoon during a heated special meeting.

Fuentes confirmed that he was relieved of his duties after newly elected members Leticia Vasquez, James Roybal and longtime member Bob Apodaca voted to oust the well-known administrator.  Directors Art Chacon and Phil Hawkins of Cerritos opposed the firing of Fuentes.

Fuentes told Los Cerritos Community Newspaper that he was advised by General Counsel Arnold Alvarez-Glasman that the board that “three members of the Board of Directors had voted to release me of my duties.”

Fuentes is a former City Manager of Pico Rivera and former Chief of Staff to Rep. Grace F. Napolitano and key Senior Administrator of former Los Angeles Mayor James K. Hahn.

LCCN will have additional details throughout the night.

  • Jay Gray says:

    The Cerritos City Council (as well as other cities) need to find out why Mr. Fuentes was fired.
    The print version of this paper is quoting our representative, Phil Hawkins, as stating Fuentes was “uncovering unscrupulous acts that were buried out of the public eye for far too long.”
    Will Chen, Pulido, Edwards, Cho and Barrows publicly speak out for tax payers? Or will they let things go on as business as usual where the tax payers get…

  • Lee Irvin says:

    When is the FBI gonna step in and send these guys and henchwoman to Jail a la Rizzo and Spaccia? It’s inevitable. If I were Fuentes I would be on the phone to Napolitano faster than two shakes of a lizards tail and Granny Clampet used to say. These guys are outta control, wasting our tax money and should all go to Jail if all these allegations are true. TEACHERS JAIL? ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME! Somebody get a rope!