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9 Reasons to Vote Cheri Kelley Out Of Office


  • mark hylland says:

    Piggie Kelley needs to be cut off from the trough. What has she done? The Norwalk Chamber of Commerce is a JOKE, she failed to take agressive action against the crime infested Anchor Inn Motel. Front Street is Norwalk’s official ghost town. She NEVER responds to emails—unless you are her friend $upport. VOte the pig out of office.

  • mark hylland says:

    Mayor Kelley, why do you allow a “Norwalk” youth sports team (that only has one player from Norwalk)to monopolize Zimmerman and Holifield Park? What benefit does the city get when the Norwalk Youth Baseball team secures the fields for FREE—-and then charges teams 350-425USD to play in a tournament? Mayor Kelley have you asked WHY? ….WHY are we paying $188,000 per year to Santa Fe Springs to upkeep Little Lake Park? It cannot possibly be a shortage of fields? I was told that nobody else has requested the use of Zimmerman/Holifield Parks and that is why the “Norwalk Youth Baseball” Association is given the fields for FREE…….NO CHECK and Balance system.