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Mailboxes at LCCN Office Looted Once Again

Mailbox at LCCN offices. For the fifth time this year the boxes were looted.


Mailboxes outside the offices of LCCN have been broken into, the total now reaching five for the year. “ I am really frustrated with this”, said LCCN Publisher Brian Hews, “there is no way of us knowing what was stolen, I have to call each of my vendors and let them know in case they sent a check, the other companies in the building have to do the same thing”.


There are three mailboxes at the site of the break-in, each with twelve slots for individual businesses; strangely, only the box that includes LCCN mail was broken into.


“I find it highly suspect that just the box with LCCN mail was hacked into”, said Hews, “ours is the most visible from the street; the other three mailboxes are in the back of the complex”.


Cerritos Sheriffs have been called out to investigate each break-in. “The Sheriffs take pictures and write a report, said Hews, “what else can they do”?


“All of us do not know why this is happening, all checks are made out to each company in the building, the thieves could not cash the checks,” said Hews, “it seems as if this is just harassment.”

Anyone who might have seen suspicious activity at the 13047 E Artesia Bldg is urged to call the Cerritos Sheriff at 860-0311.

  • Floyd Farrar says:

    Sounds like some kind of retaliation is being done..but that is the era we live in now.

    Imam lord Obamacus had divided the nation so strongly that vigorous debates and agreeing to disagree are impossible now. What you see at present is the results of he and his brain dead supporters destroying the fabric of society. Where EVERYTHING is ok .. so long as you agree with their point of view.

    • OMG says:

      What the heck Floyd? Its Obama’s fault for the mailbox break in? Mitch McConnell said we will make him a one term president. Jim DeMint-who left the Senate- said Obamacare will be his waterloo, there was a record 300 filibusters to block bills, no DEA cheif for six years…who is the party of Obstruction? It started with the idiot George Bush….