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BREAKING: High Speed Chase Ends With Crash In Norwalk Near Hermosillo Park Area

By Brian Hews

NORWALK:  A high speed pursuit has ended with a violent crash in Norwalk on Thursday night just after 11 p.m. in the Hermosillo Park area located off of 166th Street.  Several law enforcement officers have have converged on the neighborhood with guns drawn.  

It appears that the car involved in the chase and crash was a reported stolen vehicle out of Whittier.  Two people have been arrested, and one suspect appears to be at large.

Several television news stations in Southern California carried the crash, and arrests live.  Los Cerritos Community Newspaper will be monitoring the situation.

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  • mark hylland says:

    NBC reports heavily on the homeless victim who was set on fire but calls it a “random act.” Why haven’t they covered the Norwalk attack? MAYOR KELLEY the Norwalk residents demaand to be informed. Why don’t we read about the REAL EVENTS (Crime) taking place in Nowalk, The Norwalk Business Call (which you brought into our city via back door dealings) is less informative than a North Korean newspaper.