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Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens announces breast cancer condition

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens confirms breast cancer diagnosis.

By Brian Hews

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens announced that she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

In a statement to members of the media on Monday afternoon, Hutchens confirmed her condition.

“On November 9, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer was caught early and is curable. It will require a treatment program and a few constraints with some of the activities I regularly handle over the next 6-8 months, “said Sheriff Hutchens.

“At the end of that time, I will be back to my usual self. I will stay fully engaged with my duties and responsibilities as Sheriff-Coroner of Orange County and I plan to run for a second term in 2014.

“As always, it is an honor to serve as your Sheriff and I thank you all for your continued support.”

She will be undergoing chemo therapy treatments.

Hutchens was raised in Long Beach where she graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. Shortly after graduating from high school she was hired as a secretary for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. She graduated from the Academy in 1978.

She is a graduate of the University of La Verne with a degree in Public Administration and the FBI Academy.

Hutchens has been Sheriff of Orange County since 2008.