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Enrique Aranda enters 2013 Norwalk City Council race

By Brian Hews
Norwalk resident Enrique Aranda has entered the campaign for two city council seats on Monday when he officially took out nomination papers from the city clerk’s office.

Norwalk City Council candidate Enrique Aranda

Norwalk City Council candidate Enrique Aranda

Aranda, 39, has been a resident of Norwalk since 1989 and currently works as the Director of Marketing and Development at the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
”It is time to bring business back to Norwalk, by returning to our values that made our city strong,” Aranda told Los Cerritos Community Newspaper in an interview on Monday afternoon.
Aranda will face incumbent Mayor Cherie Kelly and Councilman Mike Mendez, in addition to Darryl Adams, the current President of the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School Board of Education and community activist Candy Martinez. Other candidates are expected to enter the fray.
“There is a huge void, and disconnect between the current Norwalk City Council and the community,” Aranda said. While he says he is “very amicable” with both Kelly and Mendez, he said “we can do better as a community. Norwalk needs to become more vibrant.”
Aranda also said that he is “personally frustrated” with the growing number of violent murders that have plagued Norwalk during the past ten months.
“The best and only way to stop a bullet from a gang member is a good paying job, and hope,” said Aranda.
He also points to the election earlier this month of his “life partner” and future wife Dr. Sandra Salazar to the Cerritos College Board of Trustees over incumbent Tina Cho as an “indicator” that “voters at all levels want change.”
Aranda and Salazar are also currently planning for their wedding. “These are exciting times. Voters deserve better, and I am encouraged by the wide base of support I have already received,” he said.
The election will be held on March 5, 2013.

  • Norma Amezcua says:

    As a friend, colleague, and Norwalk lion member I truly believe Enrique Aranda is ready to embrace the challenges the city of Norwalk has been faced with. He brings in a positive attitude and innovated ideas that will enhance and improve the Norwalk community. A true reformer and community advocate! Lets vote for Positive Change, let’s vote for Enrique Aranda !

  • Stan Klecha says:

    I can not wait for the debate ..so the candidates can explain their view points ..first on the agenda .how to keep the city Safe ..Second ..how to clean up the blight in the neighborhood ..water rights for all the city .. to bring down the water costs ,clean up the commercial blildings and prviate residences with a color code..activate the neighborhood watch program again ..crime starts in the neighborhood streets .. restrict parking in the city streets.. from 3 to 5 am .. and finaly pass laws to eliminate the motor homes parking on the streets ..for the safety of all the citizens ..Our propety vaules are decreasing because nobody cares ..

  • Stan Klecha says:

    When the general plan is revised ..three items should be inserted in the plan ..


    The NCC should be accountable for each tax dollar

    The NCC should be in Compliance with all rules and regulations of the County, State, and Gov..

    The NCC should have transparency in all transaction ..