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Obscure ‘Elect Noguez Committee’ Poured Thousands into Campaign Coffers

UPDATED ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26 at 12:20 p.m. Gov. Brown, Controller Chiang, Congress members in 2010 included in payments.

By Brian Hews and Brian Hews


Los Cerritos Community Newspaper has found a campaign fund controlled by jailed Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez that was established in 2010 to donate contributions in the tens of thousands of dollars to some of the most powerful politicians in California including Governor Jerry Brown, State Controller John Chiang, at least two members of Congress, and local city council members.

The committee was called the “Elect Noguez Committee” according to documents filed with the California Secretary of State.  The treasurer of the political action group is Martha Castaneda, who currently resides in Noguez’ home in Huntington Park. She also serves as Noguez’s Executive Assistant inside the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office.

Jailed Los Angeles County Assessor Juan Reynaldo Rodriguez (aka: John R. Noguez) and Huntington Park City Councilwoman Rosa Perez during an appearance togethter in 2011. Photo from “The Working Team” Photo Book via Picassa.

Noguez was jailed in October and is facing dozens of felony charges for money laundering, perjury and other allegations in what Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley called “the biggest political corruption case” in his 40 years as a criminal prosecutor.

In the filings with the Secretary of State in late 2010, the “Elect Noguez Committee” doled out more than $85,000 in contributions that were directly sent to Brown’s campaign for Governor, Chiang’s campaign for Controller, as well as donations to Los Angeles Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard, Judy Chu, Signal Hill Councilman Larry Forrester, Hawthorne City Council candidate Alex Vargas, and even to California United States Senator Barbara Boxer.

Los Angeles County Assessor Staff Assistant Robert Merez and Assessor Press Secretary are seen in a 2011 campaign meeting supporting Huntington Park City Council candidates Rosa Perez, Ofelia Hernandez and Mario Gomez in 2011. All three were elected by voters. Photo From “The Working Team” via Picassa.

The Elect Noguez Committee also poured more than $7,500 into the campaign efforts of Huntington Park City Council Member Elba Guerrero, and  as well as $2,256.00 to the Committee to Support Gomez, Hernandez and Perez to the Huntington Park City Council.  Mario Gomez, Ofelia Hernandez and Rosa Perez are all close allies to Noguez on the Huntington Park City Council and all three of them in addition to two other city council members are the target of an aggressive recall campaign by several local residents.

Rosa Perez has said publicly that she has never received money from John Noguez.

The Elect Noguez Committee was the beneficiary of major donations from groups, and employees with direct ties to the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office.

Andrew C. Stephens, a developer with the Artisan Growth Opportunities Fund donated $6,000 to the committee. Developers Rouholan and Parvin Esmailzebeh donated at least $4.000 and Developer Edmon Peykar from the Peykar Family Trust also donated more than $4,000 records confirm.

Noguez also gave $3,000 into the committee.  The largest contributor to the fund was Aide Fregoso, who according to the filing with the State of California is the owner of a company called “The Pink Horses.”

Noguez makes first, last statement to media regarding arrest of former appraiser.

Los Angeles County Assessor Special Assistant Robert Meraz and Assessor John Noguez have both been documented in countless emails with controversial tax agents.

Noguez was also paid $2,000 from his Elect Noguez Committee.  Robert Meraz, his long time companion who is also one of his top executive staff members at the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office was also paid $1,500 from the committee.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper will have additional updates on this developing situation over the next few days.

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  • Kevin Green says:

    The DA really needs to step into Huntington Park.

  • FFL says:

    All were in the “victim’s class” of demo-craps.. it fits!

  • Gaile Mendez says:

    It is time for the DA to look into the Huntington Park council. This goes beyond democrats and republicans…its corruption and affecting a city and its residents.

  • LA Lawyer says:

    This sounds like more “money laundering.”

    Noguez was RESPONSIBLE for overseeing the MAJOR PROPERTIES efforts with the LA County Assessor’s Office and some of those names mentioned PROBABLY got MASSIVE reductions on properties they own and operate.

    Noguez is in JAIL. Governor Brown and Controller Chiang need to return the money….and so does EVERY OTHER POLITICIAN.

    Let’s make sure that the DISTRICT ATTORNEY and the US ATTORNEY’S OFFICE is aware of this new information.

    Great reporting, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper….

  • Josh Martinez-Lopez says:

    This is why I support the HP recall. We need to clean my city. How DARE the city council sit in those high chair saying they are not corrupted!

    BASTA CON RATAS! enough of these rats!



  • Roberto Hernandez says:

    I have been going to city hall demanding answers from the city council on their “alleged” ties to Noguez. Obviously they are not alleged!! They said to my face that they were not tied to Noguez. This is the kind of thing that politicians do! I support the Recall 100%!! Where do I sign and can I donate money!!

  • Joshua Carreon says:

    This is incredible! Wow! Really? I can’t believe that the city council in huntington park continues to deny that they have no ties. People need to wake up!! I am ready to support the HP recall!

  • Thomas Lee says:

    I am appalled to know that Noguez had that much power. The D.A. needs to continue to investigate and hopefully the people from Huntington Park will be able to get rid of their corrupted city officials. What a disgrace. I heard there was a recall going on, so I hope it is still continuing and they are successful.

  • Maria Estrella says:




  • R. Alva says:

    I have lived in H.P. since 1964 coming from E.L.A.
    I was here in H.P. as an infant in ’51. My mother came here H.P. in 1942 from her birthplace Texas as my father we are American/Mexicans. Huntington Park has changed dramatically since the 60s and earlier. Culture class one might say but
    it is prevalent in the H.P. City Hall we all know that and was confirmed by an H.P. city hall official years ago.
    Rosa Perez is full of it and anyone who supports her is ignorant. We saw the
    changes here in H.P. and it was a lot better especially Pacific Blvd.
    The Latino politician in H.P. are worse than the American politicians there.
    THEY MADE HUNTINGTON PARK and other surrounding cities the latino as in Mexico are a bunch of crooks! without a doubt.
    The officials (FINALLY) are about to be recalled soon I hope if the votes are enough to recall.
    Maywood, Bell, Cudahy, South Gate & now H.P. are being exposed for corruption.
    Even American latinos left because of the culture clash coming from the south and the problems they forseen to come.
    I’m here because of a lack of money. But it sucks here compared to the
    past…it was beautiful and peaceful…not anymore.
    The people here need to wake up and get their heads out of their orifices out.
    The people of today were not here in those times and DO NOT know the difference
    of those times.
    These immigrant politicians are crooks as in Juan Noguez, Albert Robles etc.
    This is normal in their native country. These people will take advantage of their own people for the dollar.
    If people like Walter is for these people-YOU ARE VERY STUPID WITHOUT A DOUBT and deserve to have these problems. That’s why everybody before who lived here left…I wish I had the money to.
    In the New England states this kind of corruption would not take place the citizens there keep an eye on their politicians they voted in.