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DA-Elect Jackie Lacey Names Key Staff Appointees

LOS ANGELES – District Attorney-elect Jackie Lacey announced the top executive management staff members who will assist her as she takes office on Dec. 3.

In a memorandum circulated office wide late Monday afternoon, Lacey said, “I am proud to announce the selection of the members of our executive management staff, and look forward to working with them and all of you to fulfill the mission of our department.

“My appointments include current career prosecutors and some members from the administration of District Attorney Steve Cooley, and are effective Monday, December 3, 2012.”

The new District Attorney’s executive management staff will be:

Sharon Matsumoto, current Assistant District Attorney-Administration, will serve as Chief Deputy District Attorney. Sharon has been in charge of Administration since 1998.

Three Assistant District Attorneys : William (Bill) Hodgman, current head deputy of Target crimes who will oversee Line Operations; Joseph (Joey) Esposito, current director of Specialized Prosecutions, who will be in charge of Special Operations; and Pamela (Pam) Booth, current director of Central Operations, who will oversee Administration. Pam is currently the Director of Central Operations.
Chief Dominick Rivetti, Bureau of Investigation, will continue in that capacity.

Assistant Chief George Mueller, Bureau of Investigation, will remain in his current assignment.
Devallis Rutledge, Special Counsel to District Attorney Steve Cooley, will continue in that capacity as my Special Counsel.
Julie Dixon Silva, Legal Advisor, will remain in that capacity.

Bureau Directors are:
Gina Satriano, currently deputy-in charge of Elder abuse, who will direct Central Operations.

Victoria Adams will direct Branch & Area Operations, Region I. Vicki is currently the Head Deputy of the Airport Branch Office.

Kellyjean Chun will direct Branch & Area Operations, Region II. Kellyjean is currently the Head Deputy of the Major Fraud Division.

David Demerjian, head deputy of the Public Integrity Division, will direct Specialized Prosecutions.

Scott Goodwin, current head deputy of the Pasadena Branch Office, will direct Fraud and Corruption Prosecutions.

Sergio Gonzalez, current head deputy of the Justice System Integrity Division, will direct Prosecution Support Operations. .

Director Jean Guccione, the head of Community Relations, will now serve as the Director of Communications.

Director Lynn Vodden, the head of Administrative Services, will remain in that capacity.

Director Donna Wills will continue as the director of the Victim-Witness Assistance Program.

Additional appointments are:

Deputy District Attorney Christina Buckley will continue in her current capacity as Lacey’s Special Assistant.

Muriel H. Lett, Lacey’s current secretary, will be the new District Attorney’s Executive Assistant.

Leticia Minjares, currently a Management Secretary V with Branch & Area Operations Region I, will be the new District Attorney’s personal secretary.

Bob Baker, Law Enforcement Liaison, will remain in that capacity.

Ron Ingels, Law Enforcement Liaison, will remain in that capacity.

Lacey said additional management appointments, including head deputy and deputy-in-charge assignments, will be announced in the next few weeks.

“This is an exciting time, and I look forward to working with all of you,” she said in the memo to the District Attorney’s Office staff.

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  • Chewy says:

    Mr Steve Cooley will be remembered as The most effective LA county prosecutor ever. Look at the way he followed Los Cerritos community’s leads on corruption And investigation in to John Noguez and the assessor office or city of Bell salary scandal .
    mr Cooley had the courage to go after corrupt politians and bring their dirty deals to light and was discrete about it . Now ms Lacey whom ,I voted for thanks to Lccn news, has big shoe to feel . She looks ready and let’s wish her all the best.