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Assessor Noguez denied bail reduction, remains in jail

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Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez remains behind bars after Wednesday court appearance.

By Brian Hews

Jailed Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez appeared in a Downtown Los Angeles Superior court room Wednesday afternoon in hopes of having his $1.16 million bail reduced to no avail.

David Demerjian, Senior District Attorney who oversees the Public Integrity for the County of Los Angeles confirmed to Los Cerritos Community Newspaper that Noguez bail will “remain at $1.16 million dollars.”

Demerjian also told LCCN that Noguez is not scheduled to be back in court until January 22, 2013 for a “preliminary hearing.”

Noguez is the central figure in a massive criminal corruption case that has already resulted in the arrest of high powered tax agent Ramin Salari, Assessor Major Property Appraiser Mark McNeill and former Assessor Appraiser Scott Schenter. Salari, McNeill and Schenter have all posted bail.

This week, Noguez marks his first month in solitary confinement in a Downtown Los Angeles jail cell.

LCCN has been told by key law enforcement officials that there are additional arrests forthcoming.

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  • Connie Marquez, Covina says:

    Think about this ENTIRE situation about Noguez. He is responsible for a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR tax role and is in SOLITARY LOCK UP…and if it wasn’t for the efforts of Los Cerritos Community Newspaper….NO ONE would have KNOWN or even CARED about these CRIMES here at the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration.

    Keep up the amazing work.


    Connie Marquez
    Covina, CA

  • Justice LA Style says:

    I am an attorney, who has followed Los Cerritos Community Newspaper coverage since you first started reporting about Noguez more than one year ago.

    At first, I thought you folks were totally off track, then I started to really understand the scoop of your reach and the intensity of this entire situation.

    I agree with the above comments. John Noguez would still be selling out LA County to his friends, including those who still defend his actions all over the LA County Hall of Administration if it wasn’t for Los Cerritos news.

  • Chewy says:

    Mr Steve Cooley will be remembered as The most effective LA county prosecutor ever. Look at the way he followed Los Cerritos community’s leads on corruption And investigation in to John Noguez and the assessor office or city of Bell salary scandal .
    mr Cooley had the courage to go after corrupt politians and bring their dirty deals to light and was discrete about it .
    Now ms Lacey whom ,I voted for thanks to Lccn news, has big shoe to feel . She looks ready and let’s wish her all the best.