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Documents Show Assembly Candidate Kotze-Ramos Owned Adult Sex Toy Business


By Brian Hews and Randy Economy
HMG-Community News has obtained information that indicates Kotze Ramos and her husband George owned an adult sex toy business called Sensual Me.

In a trademark search at the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, HMG-CN found a Sensual Me logo registered under Ramos, Patricia of La Verne in 2001.




Another search found a Sensual Me web page with the contact email of [email protected]


A third Whois search found that the domain name Sensualme.com is registered in La Verne, Ca since 1999 and is still active.

A lawsuit has been filed against the Cerritos and Downey area State Assembly candidate by a former female employee of her and her husband’s private company that alleges torrid sexual harassment claims as well as breach of contract allegations.

The civil lawsuit alleges sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and breach of contract against Kotze-Ramos and her husband George Ramos, and at least two of their business entities Diversified Risk Management, Inc. and Employer Choice Online Inc.

The 24-page Complaint, filed in the Central District of the Los Angeles Superior Court alleges “a long history of sexual harassment directed against Ms. Cordova by defendants and further alleges the defendants terminated her after she had received years of positive work reviews,” Olson said.

Lawyers told HMG-CN that Patricia Kotze-Ramos and her husband George were in the “adult toy business” and operated an on line business called SensualMe.com.

Kotze-Ramos fired back on Thursday afternoon by telling HMG-CN that “I have to give kudos for the imagination and creativity in these allegations but they are completely false.”

Kotze-Ramos also went on the David Cruz show on KTLK 1150 Friday afternoon and denied everything in the complaint.

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  • Chewy says:

    She looks like a ” MAMA-SONG”. wondering if they use there own product . I
    Rather vote for someone that is working hard to educate her self and help our community, Vote for Cristina Garcia .

  • Greg says:

    Not sure why this is news. Cialis commercials are running day and night on TV and Bob Dole was a spokesman for the Viagra back in the late 1990s. And while I’m sure Gloria Allred will be proud of you for the sleazy, last minute reporting on a candidate, I doubt that Steve Cooley will be praising your “very large work” as “invaluable” on this article. Sad.

    • OMG says:

      Greg what side on you on. Sleazy last minute? The lawyer is standing behind the complaint, Hews Media Group just reported what was in the complaint, and then found other documents to support the complaints. If you look farther in the website, my favorite LA Newspaper also bashed Christina Garcia (Kotze’s opponent) on her lying about her PhD….you are the sad one Greg…. not HMG…

  • GM Cerritos says:

    Thank you LCCN and KTLK Radio host David Cruz, for your excellent reporting. The public absolutely deserves the “the right to know” who’s running for public office. Shame on the “local” self appointed political power brokers, don’t they ever do any background checking before pushing their scummy candidates on us? This is a disgrace!