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UPDATE: Noguez, Salari Arraignment Moved To Thursday Afternoon

County Assessor John Noguez and campaign contributor Ramin Salari charged with conspiracy and other counts, will be in Department 30 at 1:30 p.m. today for arraignment.

Department 30 is in the Foltz Criminal Justice Center, 210 West Temple St. The case No. is BA403666.

  • Chewy says:

    Why Can’t we get a new high school in the city of Maywood . Maywood spent millions yes $1 to $5 million in attorney fees to fight LAUSD to stop building of a much needed high school in the city even though most of the homes and buildings in school project sight has been bought and demolished to start the building of the high school. LAUSD has won all the court appearance in this case Maywood city council and specially mayor Ed Varela and vice mayor Veronica G. still fighting the project. We know why mayor Varela is fighting the project because if school is build he’ll be homeless yes homeless he lives in that project area , No he is not fighting for our kids he is fighting for personal reasons to keep roof over his head but we as tax payers are paying for his fight ,ISN’T THAT A ILLEGAL FINANCIAL GAIN BY A SEATING ELECTED OFFICIAL TO USE OUR TAX $$$$s FOR HIS OWEN BENEFIT, is like the so called Bell 8 pay their attorney fees from city coffers .
    And we all know why Vice mayor Veronica is pushing for more money for fees to fight the school district , KICKBACKS.
    Allegation of pay to vote by Vice mayor in last years election is on DA’s desk.

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    How is it that Jordan Kaplan hasn’t been investigated in this mess? He is the CEO of Douglas Emmett, which is one of the largest Real Estate companies in Southern California. He bribed the assessor with $10,000, and had another $20,000 laundered to Noguez through his family members. His house value was cut by $10 million dollars in return. Not to mention dozens of his office buildings in the priciest areas of So Cal — all reduced in value so he could save tax money. Looks like he was the biggest beneficiary of the bribes that Noguez was taking. Why isn’t anyone looking into Kaplan and Douglas Emmett?

  • Chewy says:

    They are a very CUTE COUPLE. May God let them share the same jail cell. LOL