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Noguez, Salari, McNeil to have first court appearance on Friday

By Brian Hews

Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez, Arizona tax consultant Ramin Salari, and Chief Property Appraiser Mark Mc Neil will have their first public appearance in a Downtown Los Angeles County criminal courtroom on Friday after the three were arrested on Thursday on dozens of felony charges in a complex conspiracy and bribery charges.

Bail amounts for the three have been set for more than $1 million each.

Cooley said the arrests and charges are part of a continuing investigation into public corruption at the Assessor’s Office. Noguez, who announced he would take a leave of absence in June, returned to work briefly before going out on an indefinite medical leave.

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  • OH WELL says:

    You guys need to stay on the real story..Bribery with a personal check that says loan and a legal note to pay back ….is DA grandstanding for black lady DA to get news time or to go out with a bang..Id like to compare Coleys donor list to Noguez list. and if thoes same owners who got reduced are on on both list. thats news because Coley was accused in 2010 by the LA times for the same thing he arrested Noguez for No investigation followed. sounds like a big show to shut you guys down