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Entire Huntington Park City Council To Be Served Recall Notices Monday

By Brian Hews

The entire Huntington Park City Council will be served with official recall notices on Monday night by a group of longtime residents and business owners, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper can confirm.

Recall organizers tell LCCN that Mayor Andy Molina, Vice Mayor Elba Guerrero, Councilman Mario Gomez, Councilwoman Ofelia Hernandez, and Councilwoman Rose Perez will all be presented with formal documents that begin the process to seek their legal removal from office.

LCCN has been told by recall organizer Marilyn Sanabria that many voters in Huntington Park “are upset that City Attorney Francisco Leal is being paid over $600,000 a year or $40,000 per month similar to City of Bell high salaries and inflated city contracts.”

“Huntington Park and Bell residents are paying 30% more in property taxes than Beverly Hills or Downey,” Sanabria said. “The City is currently facing a $9,000,000 budget deficit due to financial mismanagement and lack of leadership. The City Council has approved higher taxes and fees including an over 30% increase in the water bill recently. The City lacks transparency and the residents are demanding to know where their money is. The current City Council granted questionable historical designation the John Noguez home (the County Assessor to stop foreclosure proceedings and avoid paying his fair share of taxes,” Sanabria said.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper will have additional details as they develop.

Huntington Park City Hall is located at 6550 Miles Ave.

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