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Entire Huntington Park City Council To Be Served Recall Notices Monday

By Brian Hews

The entire Huntington Park City Council will be served with official recall notices on Monday night by a group of longtime residents and business owners, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper can confirm.

Recall organizers tell LCCN that Mayor Andy Molina, Vice Mayor Elba Guerrero, Councilman Mario Gomez, Councilwoman Ofelia Hernandez, and Councilwoman Rose Perez will all be presented with formal documents that begin the process to seek their legal removal from office.

LCCN has been told by recall organizer Marilyn Sanabria that many voters in Huntington Park “are upset that City Attorney Francisco Leal is being paid over $600,000 a year or $40,000 per month similar to City of Bell high salaries and inflated city contracts.”

“Huntington Park and Bell residents are paying 30% more in property taxes than Beverly Hills or Downey,” Sanabria said. “The City is currently facing a $9,000,000 budget deficit due to financial mismanagement and lack of leadership. The City Council has approved higher taxes and fees including an over 30% increase in the water bill recently. The City lacks transparency and the residents are demanding to know where their money is. The current City Council granted questionable historical designation the John Noguez home (the County Assessor to stop foreclosure proceedings and avoid paying his fair share of taxes,” Sanabria said.

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper will have additional details as they develop.

Huntington Park City Hall is located at 6550 Miles Ave.

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  • Chewy says:

    OMG, This recall action will not disappoint . While good people of H.P Try to excrcise there Right to have an open transparent and honest Government , they need to watch for special interest in their City. This is a Government which has for years put interest of companies like Law offices of F Leal , George Cole” Don of the Bell cartel “s Oldtimers foundation ” , Fiesta Taxi, Urban associate “former Bell city manager”, H.P Tow before the interest of the people of Huntington Park.
    Wait and see how these companies will pour in hundreds of thousands of $$$$ to stop this Recall. In Maywood’s recall election back in 2008 HP tow gave the council members that were being recalled $50k and then HP tow recieved a Tow contract in Maywood. That’s called PAY TO PLAY, YOU SCRATCH MY BACK I GIVE YOU MULITY MILLION $ CONTRACT even if it means to fire the entire police deportment and other city workers.

  • Pat says:

    I had an office in HP and I was on the Blvd. (pacific) but after the lease came due I was forced off the blvd since i was not retail. So we moved. Then this BID (business improvement district) came along and we were forced to pay this if you owed a business in the area of Pacific. When we went to a meeting to ask what we got for our BID fees they tried to say things like “Oh you get street sweeping” really? Only because we pay this fee you will then street sweep, funny but down Gage outside the BID are signs posted street sweeping 2x a week. The more we questioned the more problems we had so we closed that location. There were questionable rules that applied to us but right across the street the rules did not apply since the BID did not apply to them. We could never get an answer as to where this BID $ was used for.

  • amanda puentes says:

    It is the medias responsibility to inform the residents with accurate information. That fact that I saw Linda Guevara on the news leads me to believe she is behind this, and I would expect the media not to listen to a bitter convicted felon. I hope that the residents of HP are not being motivated by the wrong people and for the wrong reasons.

    All it took was a little “google research”

    CALIFORNIA | LOCALCouncilwoman Gets Jail for Lying About AddressNovember 15, 2002 | George Ramos, Times Staff WriterA suspended Huntington Park city councilwoman was sentenced Thursday to 180 days in County Jail and put on five years’ probation after being convicted last month of falsely stating where she really lived. Linda Luz Guevara, who was convicted on four felony counts, had claimed that she lived in Huntington Park when she actually lives in nearby Downey. Guevara, 45, is the first elected officeholder to be convicted because of a prosecution by Dist. Atty

  • Irving Pacheco says:

    Please look further into HP Tow and their illegal practices of not following the proper California Vehicle Code and how everytime a criminal complaint is filed, the district attorneys office never pursues it. I also know fellow HP police officers that will not cite HP tow drivers when commiting an infraction or violating city ordinance regarding parking(police officers are scared to get disciplinary action for stuff like that and prefer not to get involved)…as a resident of Huntington Park, I have many times considered to run for city council and if the councilmembers are removed, I will run for office and make sure corruption does not happen in this city.

    • John says:

      You state; “I will run for office and make sure corruption does not happen in this city.” I kind of doubt that. You stole from our company about a year ago and after we caught you and you called us and admitted it, you then you decided not to pay us.

      Hope you run again, I would love to send the City Council all the documents I have with regard to your transaction.

      I agree, the district attorneys should follow through, if they did, you would not have gotten away with online fraud.