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Supporters to reinstate Cerritos HS Varsity Football program take to website Change.org

By Brian Hews

In the wake of the controversial decision to whip out the remaining varsity football season at Cerritos High School by campus officials, an on line petition drive has begun on Thursday that demand that the program be “left alone” for the remainder of the season.

On the nationwide website www.change.org, the petition drive i

Cerritos High School (logo)

Cerritos High School (logo) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ncludes parents of current Dons football players, as well as a smattering of community members, and former Cerritos High School alumni.

The petition is listed as “Cerritos High School Administration: Reinstate the varsity football program for the 2012-2013 year.”

“(Cerritos High School) Student athletes have put a lot of heart and hard work into achieving a varsity status for the start of the 2012-2013 school year. It is important that the athletes are given their chance to continue what they have started,” the petition states.

“So much has been taken away from them with the decision to cancel the remaining varsity games. Some of these athletes will never be given the opportunity to represent their school or have a sense of fulfilling their individual goals on the main stage under the Friday night lights. Not only is this decision affecting the athletes, there are many other activities that take pride in showing their accomplishments. For example and not limited to band, cheerleaders, dance drill team, and others,” writes petition backer David Smith of Cerritos.

Cerritos High School football player Masseeh Yakuuby signed the petition and said “This is my team. They have no right to take it away from after all the hard work I put into it.”

Lisa Barba who grew up in Cerritos, left the message, “(this is) more like lets teach the kids to be POOR SPORTS, BAD LOSERS AND QUITER’S!”

“This is a terrible decision by Cerritos High School Administration. It is sending the message to the kids that if they can’t have a winning team then they won’t play at all,” said Placentia resident Laura Bremmer.

“Academics are not the only thing needed! This means they can cancel any sport at any time, which will change my decision for my child to go there,” stated petition signer Debbie McMillan who is a resident of Cerritos.

The petition is listed right here: http://www.change.org/petitions/cerritos-high-school-administration-reinstate-the-varsity-football-program-for-the-2012-2013-year

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  • Jay Gray says:

    Team sports are import and teach social skills that can’t be learned in the classroom. In addition, football affects other programs as well like cheer, drill, band, etc. Let’s teach our students how to build a successful program not give-up and quit!

  • marc stoudamire says:

    I am not a resident of Cerritos or Alumni of Cerritos High School. However it is important to have a Varsity level football program for students to have the opportunity to participate in. It is the right that every student in the public school system should have. I understand the team was not winning; however that should not be the reason for folding a program. If winning games is an issue or not having enough athletes to compete at the division or league they were in, the Athletic director should petition to CIF to re-assign the football team to another league/division. In addition a pre-season schedule should be implemented that reflects your teams skill set should be implemented. Football teaches student athletes discipline, accountability, and various other life long lessons. Varsity football games can also benefit the school in various other ways such as financially. Varsity games also provide cheer leaders, bands, etc. a stage to perform on. I really hope there is a way to let Cerritos H.S. play the remainder of there season. Or possibly schedule reserve games with local schools that can be played on Saturdays. Local private schools along with large public schools utilize saturday reserve games to allow players who do not start a chance to play and get an opportunity to learn. Just a suggestion I have. I gather that Cerritos HS prides themselves on education, I believe they can figure out a way to make the football season work out. If they dont this leads me and alot of others to believe that Cerritos HS is not an football friendly community and refuses to buy into any football program.