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Los Angeles City Council aide charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter

VAN NUYS — A top aide to Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcon who allegedly struck and killed a transient crossing a street in North Hollywood in March was charged today with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, the District Attorney’s Office announced.

Manuel Figueras, 50, was allegedly driving a city-owned 2003 Toyota Prius when he struck and killed 55-year-old Gary Woodford, who was crossing Vineland Avenue at Erwin Street. The accident occurred about 7:35 p.m. on March 14.

Initially, the District Attorney’s Office reviewed the case and declined to file a felony charge, referring the case to the City Attorney’s Office for misdemeanor consideration. But the City Attorney’s Office declared a conflict of interest and referred the case back to the District Attorney’s Office.

Figueras is scheduled to be arraigned Sept. 17 at Van Nuys Superior Court, Department 101. He is charged in case 2VY00021. Prosecutors will ask bail be set at $25,000.

If convicted, he faces up to one year on county jail.

  • Texas BEAST says:

    Does that mean that the guy was driving an “assault hybrid”? Should we now ban all “assault hybrids”?