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LCCN Featured in FOX News LA County Assessor Expose Crime Probe

Additional coverage set for Friday at 10:30

Fox News LA has once again highlighted Los Cerritos Community Newspaper in its ongoing coverage into the massive criminal probe inside the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office.
On Thursday, Fox Investigative Reporter Gina Silva featured LCCN Publisher Brian Hews in a segment that focused squarely on pay-to-pay allegations involving Assessor John Noguez and several property tax agents.

Fox News LA will feature LCCN again on Friday night during a half hour special beginning at 10:30 p.m. on Fox 11 here in Southern California.

  • In the Know says:

    As that reporter correctly interpreted, to “look at the property” had an implied meaning. Gary Townsend (who admitted to taking an alleged illegal loan) & the Assessor had a system called “pinks” that were sent from top management to the appraisers.

  • Real Truth says:

    You should be investigating how the DA got a red herring to blame to busy looking for heading to see a real the story 60 counts He has probablly 600 counts and find out that the con man Scott Schenter did it again getting the DA to reduce the counts like reducing values for cash to funnel money to althletes like joe McNight buy golf courses in washington take trips to south africa he has been reducing values for cash for over 15 years plus. Ultimate con man got the DA slipping again with assistant from news giant lccn Real Woodward and Berstiens over there

  • Tom Nast says:

    Now we citizens know how all these stinking fish(f@#king ir%@nian sh*t head) Beverly Hills “businessmen” pay for their mansions, Feraris & Benzs, and thier rotten spoiled kids Lexus- They cheat on thier taxes and everything and everyone else. Did you see how that pig on TV said about his $9 Million dollar home-“talk to my son”. Legal or not- they’re the immigrants who should be deported back to the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran and face sharia law for their theft.

  • real truth says:

    WHY R U blaming Noguez for crimes committed 15 plus years ago by Scott Schenter Noguez was the one who fired the guy when he first got elected WHERE WAS SCHENTERS SUPERVISORS the past 15yrs great job checking his work. it must have been like in the Assessors book of secrets never tell but HONEST MEN LIKE NOGUEZ gave the information to the DA to arrest Scott Shenter in retaliation Scott Schenter Blames Noguez. IS IT RACIALLY MOTIVATED NOGUEZ (Latino)fires Scott Schenter (white guy)Turns him over to the DA then NOGUEZ gets blamed for Schenters crimes. assassins still happen only its your character in press now. No good deed goes unpunished great Job LCCN. Is it really true that Randy Economy of LCCN who broke this Twisted conspiracy story ran the campaign for Noguez opponent John Wong. isnt that a conflict of interest LCCN or was this part of the campaign LCCNs Randy Economy continues to run. NO INTEGRITY FOX NEWS SHOULD BE ASHAMED for REPORTING false INFORMATION ON INNOCENT PEOPLE THEY OWE MR NOGUEZ and the County AN APOLOGY AND SHOULD THANK ASSESSOR NOGUEZ FOR DOING WHAT 15 years OF ASSESSORS SHOULD HAVE DONE NO WONDER NO ONES TALKING THEY ARE AFRAID OF BEING LIED ABOUT THE WAY NOGUEZ and the County IS BEING LIED ABOUT. SCHENTERS LISTthey say GOES BACK HOW MANY YEARS AND HOW MANY ASSESSORS? NO WONDER NO ONE HAD THE INTEGRITY TO TURN SCHENTER IN BEFORE MR NOGUEZ TURNED SCHENTER IN KEEP YOUR HEAD UP MR NOGUEZ YOU DID THE RIGHT THING YOU POOR SOUL I did not give to your campaign but i did get my taxes reduced like thousands of others did deservedly so OR IS THE DA & THE NEWS COMING AFTER ALL HOMEOWNERS THAT GOT REDUCTIONS BY ASSESSOR NOGUEZs OFFICE I GUESS WERE ALL TO BLAME FOR ASKING FOR HELP AND GETTING HELP FROM MR NOGUEZ

    • Randy Economy says:

      Real Truth….

      Three letters pal: LOL

      Randy Economy

      • John Q. Public says:

        If Noguez knew of illegal activity and the DA did nothing, why didn’t Noguez take it to the public and the State Attorney General or the FBI?

        If Noguez or any politician knows of illegal activity and does not act accordingly they need to be removed.

        An elected official has an obligation to ensure illegality activity is not tolerated at any level.

  • Must Resign says:

    Noguez is corrupted official. There are a lot of people who deserved to be promoted by the time he took the office. He did completely opposite. He brought people from outside of the Office of the Assessor and appointed them based on his own relationships with those individuals. His appointees had nothing to do with the Assessor Office. They contributed to his campaign. What a best return on investment. Contributed few thousand dollars and getting back between $150,000 to $200,000 a year. There are no words to describe Noguez’s behavior. He is not public servant, he served himself and ONLY HIMSELF.
    Get out!!!

  • Must Resign says:

    Randy, I hope you read this. Don’t stop. You should go deeper, cooperate with Fox 11 and make this known TO EVERYBODY.
    John Noguez invited appraisers (including top level management) and tax agents to his house for poker games, according to rumors even members of the Assessment Appeal Board were present during those games. How ethical is this?
    Recently, you reported almost 1 billion reduction for 2001-2003 Rolls for BP Carson Refinery. It is not right number. It is just one parcel, BP Carson Refinery has multiple parcels and total reduction during those years were almost 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS. Read articles from Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times. Tesoro Refinery is planning to buy BP for 2.5 BILLION DOLLARS and compare this number to reduced roll values for 2001-2003 Roll Years. You will be surprised comparing 2.5 Billion Dollars to Assessment Appeal Board values, VERY SURPRISED.
    Why John Noguez and his top managers didn’t appeal to Superior Court? Isn’t it amazing?
    Check with the list of contributors, members of the Board, tax agents. Radny do it, and make it public with the help of FOX 11 NEWS.

  • D Way 2 the real says:

    FYI – Consistently, in my city of Long Beach, California I have seen odd occurrences concerning California real estate. For example on the street of 1st between Junipero and Xemino, zip code 90803 on 1st street there is just a frame of house, now covered with a white canvas like apparatus to hide it. Maybe you should check to see what appraised amount is being made for the property at 2_ _8 First Street in Long Beach, CA. You see this is not the regular resident behavior occurring. No this is officials acting odd, building inspectors, realtors and local appraisers. Some allowing persons, friends, to live in abandoned properties, condos, while for sale signs or posted by entirely different persons. There have also been things like clay pipes for sewers setting out near Livingston Street and First Street – property of the city, as well as trees cut down and abandon in the same vicinity. Most likely as a distraction. The records should be checked, this is vital to the economy, in terms of economic statistical data and its factual account of property and those who monitor it fairly. Can a house or condo be giving to someone as a pay off. The circumstances of public corruption create a great possibility of it occurring and being hidden? Is the more organized that the public is being allowed to know?