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SUMMER HEAT: Officials issue power usage warning

By Brian Hews

With high temperatures soaring well over 100 degrees here in the Southeast Los Angeles County on Tuesday, Southern California Edison is urging customers to conserve power.

“SCE anticipates having sufficient resources to meet forecast electricity demand. But with energy use rising during extreme heat conditions, conservation can provide an added reserve should an unexpected power emergency occur, such as mechanical problems affecting a major power plant or wildfires shutting down a major transmission system,” a media spokesperson from SCE said in a statement.

“Conservation also helps minimize the impact on the distribution system when customers use energy around-the-clock,” the company said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in conjunction with SCE issued the media statement at 4:45 p.m.


  • John Q. Public says:

    No need to worry in Cerritos.
    The city is part owner in the Magnolia Power Plant.
    City officials, as I recall, specifically mentioned that the investment in the power plant was to ensure a consistent flow of power to residents.
    I’d like to see the newspaper run an article focused on the power plant and what city officials now say about it’s role.
    Residents of Cerritos are subsidizing the plant to the tune of about $3 Million per year – yet, NOT one resident is receiving power from the plant.
    However, certain business are online.