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Noguez Timeline of Articles-Click here

The links below are a chronological list of Los Cerritos Community News’, Randy Economy, and Brian Hews’ articles from the beginning to present day, range is from early February 2012 to now. The time-line clearly shows LCCN as the leader in breaking news on the Noguez corruption scandal.

The apology letter below from Shelby Grad of the LA Times gives LCCN credit for breaking the story.  During the time between Feb 3 (when LCCN broke the story) and Feb 17, LA Times writers Rueben Vives and Jack Dolan called LCCN several times to ask us “what else we had on the story”. LCCN actually worked with the two writers and gave them the Schenter list of properties. The two writers then published their Feb 17 story without giving LCCN attribution and never gave LCCN attribution thereafter.




First newspaper to break story, in print February 3rd, 2012-LA County DA Opens Official Inquiry Into Assessor’s Office.

Fellow journalists and radio talk show hosts who have acknowledged LCCN on the Noguez Case:

LCCN Featured in Sunday LA Times Community Newspapers

Fishbowl LA Congratulates LCCN on Assessor Story

Greater Long Beach Acknowledges LCCN 

KTLK’s David Cruz Interviews Brian Hews and Randy Economy

FOX News Touts LCCN Coverage

NBC Interviews LCCN Reporter Randy Economy

CBS and KCAL Los Angeles Interview Brian Hews and Randy Economy After Noguez Arrest

Local Radio Host Mark Isler Interview Brian and Randy

Local Radio Host Doug McIntyre Interviews Brian and Randy


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  • James DuVall says:

    When is Mr. Noguez’s Trial Date and where will he be tried? Who will prosecute at the trail?