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VAL LYNDER: Talking About Truth but Not Practicing it Leads Nowhere

By Editor Jerry Bernstein

VAL LYNDER, DEFENDER OF ALL THAT IS TRUE stood in front of my desk. “I just don’t understand the opposition to having a Goodwill Store in Cerritos,” she said, frustration in her tone of voice.
“VAL,” I said, why don’t you sit down and explain why you’re so upset.”
Relaxing slightly, she sat down, her umbrella leaning against the chair.
“Why are you so upset?” I asked. “The city council hasn’t voted on the issue. In fact all the council has done is mandate a 45-day moratorium at their June 14 meeting on the request by Goodwill to open a store in the city.”
That’s not what I’ve heard. Mayor Jim Edwards has said he is not in favor of it. Mayor Pro Tem Bruce Barrows is against it and Councilmember Carol Chen has indicated she’s not in favor of a Goodwill Store in Cerritos.
Have they said why?” I asked.
“I guess they agree with some of the residents that the Cerritos doesn’t need one.” she answered. Before I could reply she continued, “I guess they prefer the store to remain empty and look like its been abandoned. That’s not saying much for the shopping center or the city..”
I wasn’t sure how to respond. The empty store is located in a small shopping center on the southeast corner of Carmenita Road and Artesia Boulevard and is beginning to look run down. “I don’t know VAL LYNDER. I’ve been to several Goodwill Stores with drop off areas, and they look like any other retail store.”
VAL LYNDER looked at me “I understand they also want to cut the store in half and make it into two stores.”
“You might be right, I said. “I heard a Dollar Store was interested in locating there if the store is divided into two outlets.”
“You know,” VAL LYNDER replied, “ Sometimes I think some people in Cerritos think they live in Newport Beach. “Well, I got news for them, “Cerritos is just a nice upper middle class city. If people want Newport Beach, then let them move down there. There’s nothing wrong with having a Goodwill Store in the city, especially if it will bring customers to the rest of the shopping center.”
Saying that she rose from the chair. “Oh, attitudes make me so angry.” Without warning she lifted her umbrella and pounded it on my desk.
”VAL LYNDER, I said. “I wish you wouldn’t do that.”

  • kim Black says:

    Who is Val Lynder????